Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I soooo did not want to run yesterday

I knew I needed to, but when I looked outside, it was all rainy and drizzly. I love running in the snow-- not so much in the rain. But my body and mind craved it. Life has been, well, crazy lately. My mind has been full of worry and self doubt, my heart has been heavy, and as much as I was resisting running, I knew it would be just what the doctor ordered. I took a few deep breaths and put on my gear.

I was surprised when I walked outside that it wasn't nearly as cold as it looked. I breathed in the cool, crisp air and was immediately invigorated. And suddenly I was off, my legs took over and started running before my mind could catch up.

The first few miles were rough. So much of running is mental strength, and I was feeling weak. But I kept going, and soon I was in my groove.

The last few miles were perfect. The weather was my favorite type to run in and my thoughts started to mellow.

By the time I made it home, I was a little more back to myself. Refreshed, rejuvinated, and ready to take on what I knew would be a rough day. And it definitely was.

Today, I am much in the same place I was yesterday-- and I know a run will get me back on track because running is something I do for myself and my well-being. Running is the time for me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I ate a lot of junk tonight. And it's all the fault of this, which I watched for this. Between watching and working, the only healthy thing I consumed all night was water. I think I may puke. I'm planning to make up for it tomorrow morning with an awesome run. Anyone else binge on Superbowl goodies?