Monday, April 28, 2008

Runner's Anonymous

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm addicted to running.

It may seem like a weird thing to become addicted to, but for someone who doesn't drink., doesn't smoke, has never tried drugs, and for pete's sake, doesn't even drink carbonation (except for the occasional root beer or red cream soda, I can thank my father for that addiction), running gives me a high that my body and mind crave. It truly is a form of meditation for me.

Like a true addict, I already know that although it has only been a week or so since the marathon, I am hooked. I need another race plan to get me going again. I have not quite decided what race will be next.... if I'm up for another marathon this year (say, St. George?) or if I should do a half....

Thoughts? Input? And, I'm tossing the invitation open to you.... if you want to join me on my next running quest for designer jeans, let me know! We usually do our long runs on Saturday mornings.

Here's to another amazing race! Can't wait to get training again.... yep, I'm an addict. But at least I'm not in denial.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's been awhile....and I'm awesome.

So I was wondering why I was getting so nauseated the week before the race. Why I threw up the day of. Well of course it was because I was nervous...but it's also because I'm 5 weeks pregnant. And that's why I'm awesome.

So hooray for me! I guess I got exactly what I wanted- a baby for after the marathon. How cute.

Anyway, the race was good. It was so fun to go to the Marathon Mommy party the night before. What amazing women you all are!!!

The morning of I got dropped off by Mac, and got to stretch and listen to Mama's (really bad) Fake Temple Choir. Some guy even recognized me from the news.

I started off with Jen, but lost her within the first mile. But I enjoyed the run by myself and got to see Mac and Owen, Kristie and Kimmie at Sugarhouse. I was chaffing in between my legs (what the freak) and my knees were already killing me, but they were so cute to encourage and support me.

I rubbed some Butt Paste on (thank goodness for diaper bags) and kept going. I saw more family at 2300 east and 4500 south. My knees were really slowing me down, but I still kept going. Then on 6200 South I saw Mac and my family again, and I had to stop from the pain. These two older women were running behind me and stopped to ask if i was ok. Mac got me some MyoMed and they asked if they could have some too. My father-in-law gave me an Ibuprofen and they wanted one too. We finally had to tell them that my family weren't volunteers, and they were so embarrassed. It was funny. They were so nice though and told me they'd be watching out for me.

I kept going and got to see cute Kristie at VanWinkle. I passed the Brazilian band and thought that was pretty dope. My knees started feeling better, but I suddenly was surprised at how tired my quads were. I kept going despite wind, and dust and sweat and pain. When I got to mile 24 I was so tired that I was fighting back tears. I kept passing and then falling behind the same group of cute people. We were in this vicious cycle of passing and then having to stop.

A woman ran by me and asked if we could run each other in. She told me that she was on track for Boston, but got turned around where the 1/2 and full split and went 5 miles off course. She was a veteran and was so nice to encourage me the last bit.

It was amazing to run through the finish line and see the people that support and love me the most. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible for me. (and i guess little embryo).

I also finally started a family blog so check it out if you are cool.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's official

My toenail fell off. I knew it was going to soon.It's been sore for a while. I went to the doc yesterday about my knee and he gave me some advil and told me not to run for 10 days. I thought I would like being told not to run for ten days but I didn't. I thought my knee was worse than he said but today it feels ok. I have been wondering what I'm going to do now that I'm not training. I had kind of a let down after all the excitement on Saturday. So I decided to keep training. I'll start out with just short runs but I think I need to keep going.I need a goal and I like how I felt running the race. So instead of waiting, I'll keep going. I'll be there for the 5k in May.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Race for a Cure

So, I know I just finished a marathon, but I'm already thinking ahead to our next race here at WRFDJ. Who's in for a nice easy 5K for a good cause? Race for a Cure is May 10th at Gateway. I've already created a group for us under Will Run For Designer Jeans. Even if you're not a current team member, now's your chance to catch the running bug, and benefit breast cancer research! Come on! We can do it!

Click here to register.

Monday, April 21, 2008


This is how I feel. Please, make it stop.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am a marathoner

The roar of the crowd, and my best friend by my side as we sprint, hand in hand, toward the finish line with our goal time on the clock. This is what I have been visualizing for months-- what I believed would happen on April 19th, 2008 as I ran in my first marathon in my hometown of Salt Lake City. Recently I have had to make some adjustments to my vision, the biggest of which was the realization that I would have to run it alone; Kristi's injuries from a car accident were too severe for her to run with me. And, that was a hard adjustment to make.

The week before the race: I was taking it easy. I have been nursing a few injuries and didn't want to worsen anything before the race. I was eating a lot of pasta, and planning my day meticulously. I laid out everything, making sure it was all in place. I even went tanning so I would be sure not to blind the other runners-- you know, because I wouldn't want someone to blame a bad time on me because the glare was blocking their view to the finish line. I felt prepared, and confident.

All of that confidence went out the window the day before the race. I kept getting flits of butterflies and couldn't believe I was ready for the journey that was ahead. Seriously? I could run 26.2 miles, by myself? It was so hard for me to believe.

The night before, I went to the Marathon Mommies Pasta Party, and oh, how great it was to finally meet the sweet faces of wisdom and encouragement who leave little "you can do it" posts on our page. I feel like I already know all of you! Thank you for your kindness, it means so much to us here at WRFDJ!

That night I went to sleep, after checking my alarm clock, garmen charger, ipod charger, and cell phone charger approximately 5,000 times, filled with excitement, nerves, and anticipation. And so, here is my marathon day report:

2:02am: "Oh no!!!!!" I thought. "My alarm didn't go off! Didn't I check it?!?! I am going to be late!" I blindiy grabbed in the darkness for my clock, and through my squinted eyes could see it was still too early for me to get up. I checked the alarm, yet again, and tried to go back to sleep.

3:34am: Pretty much a repeat of the 2:02am experience, only with a little "if I keep waking up, I'm not going to be able to keep my energy up tomorrow!" panic thrown in.

4:37am: "Okay, it has got to be time to wake up now!" I thought, and it was pretty close, so I just turned off the alarm I had so carefully checked repeatedly. Didn't even need it. My body and mind were already alert to the fact it was race day. "Here I go," I thought.

I put on my carefully selected running clothes (my WRFDJ shirt, gray and blue running shorts, socks, and shoes) and put my hair in a pony. I braided my bangs so they would be sure not to distract me during my run. I knew I would have plenty of other distractions. I then checked my bag. Garmen, check. Powergel, check. Phone, check. Utility belt, check. Ibuprophen, check. Ipod, check. I was ready.

I made myself my usual runner's breakfast of wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas, and headed out the door. I turned onto Van Winkle and saw police officers in place, preparing to block the road, and a huge smile spread across my face. I would be running along this road in a few short hours, and these officers would be there to guide my way. I rolled down my window and shouted "I'm running the marathon today!!!!" The officer threw me a thumbs up, the first of thousands of thumbs that would be thrown up in my direction, and I am so grateful for every single one.

5:50am: I pulled into Gateway and parked my car. I went to meet Melissa and Tara for our ride on the train to the starting line. They looked so adorable and cheerful! We crammed onto the overcrowded car and started to chat with people around us. It was all abuzz with runners-- some chatting nervously, others praying, some sleeping like the man wearing a fake mustache. Some people think running a marathon is not enough, they have to throw in some sort of gimmick or distinguishment. I will share a story of one such man coming up, and this man I'm convinced is insane.

6:45am: We arrived at the starting line. A rush of excitement filled me as I heard the gospel choir, saw the mile long port-a-pottie lines, and the thousands of other runners just like me, and suddenly I was in awe. How could it be there were so many people who had been through the sacrifice, pain, and dedication that I had all to bring them to this very moment where they were so close to accomplishing a life-long goal? I was so humbled by the human spirit. We are so strong and driven!

6:59am: I heard Sky2, our station's helicopter, fly overhead and knew we were close. Suddenly the countdown began, and everyone was yelling, and then BOOM, the crackle of the gunshot, and we were moving. Kera and I started out together, running down toward Foothill, and around the corner, as Tara and Melissa fell behind. We were smiling, and so happy to be in this together! It was just as we were curving onto Foothill I first noticed the aforementioned crazy man with the gimmick to top all gimmicks: he was running barefoot. And he had a full marathon bib on. The man was going to run all 26.2, on asphalt, with no freaking shoes on. WHAT?!?!?! Kera and I shook our heads in disbelief.

I was trying very hard to pace myself, to go slow and resist the urge to keep up with the speedie-gonzales' as I call them. I had a long way to go, and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid "hitting the wall" somewhere along my course. And when I rounded the corner to 21st south and started going downhill, I was feeling and doing great!

Sugarhouse Park was in my sight, and I was so excited-- Kristi would be there waiting for me. I then ran into Jared, my friend from KUTV who had done some of his training with WRFDJ, and he was a welcomed running buddie! As we ran toward the park, I saw my sweet girl, Kristi, with a giant pink poster, screaming my name and jumping up and down. Next to her, was Kimmie, who I was so surprised to see, and I suddening started to well up with tears. These two girls had put in just as much time and dedication to this goal as I had, and because of injuries weren't able to run. But, as hard as it was for them, they had come to cheer me and the rest of our group on, and I was suddenly even more grateful for their friendship.

After a few quick hugs, I was off again, running through the park, and that's when I ran into a Marathon Mommy-- Annie Bananie! She was doing so great! We chatted for a minute and then she left me in the dust. I love those ladies! Way to go!

On the way out of the park, Kristi and Kimmie cheered me on again, and gave me a boost that would carry me until I saw them again.

Jared and I headed up 23rd east, and watched the lucky half marathoners head in the other direction. And then, slowly, he started to inch ahead of me. And I knew, I was once again on my own. I stopped my music for a moment, and was suddenly consumed by what I heard around me: the sounds of feet hitting the pavement, cowbells from patrons, claps and cheers from complete strangers-- and they were cheering for me! I pulled off my headphones, and everyone I passed was looking directly at me, saying "You are awesome! Way to go! You're doing great! I'm so proud of you! You can DO IT!" I am tearing up as I am typing, because I was so overwhelmed by their kindness and encouragement. They don't know me from Eve, but there they were, all over the course, cheering me on as if I were their sister/daughter/mother/friend.

I started to notice the signs, posted all over and carried by fans. There was a giant sign posted on a garage that read "Spandex is Happiness," one someone held that said "Go (insert your name here)!" And, one that said "You can and you WILL!" There was a mariachi band, a family who had set up a table with treats for runners, and a boom box with YMCA blaring for all of us to dance along to. I will never forget these kind souls who were there along the course where my family and friends weren't, for they really were happy for me, and I thanked each one of them I could as I passed.

I was on Keller Ave when a nice man ran up from behind me and said "You're at the front of the pack, aren't you?" "Huh?" was my response. "You have other friends with the same T-shirt on, and they all said you were up here so I've been looking for you, and here you are! Way to go!" So sweet. I also had a girl say "Are you Jen?!?!? I read your blog all the time! I love you guys!" What a nice surprise from a reader-- whose name is also Jen. Thanks for reading and for the support!

It was on 23rd east when I first noticed what would turn into the biggest problem of my day-- the wind. It picked up around mile 8, and I mean it picked up. The headwind was against us, and I felt as though I were running through water. I tried to fight through it, and just when I thought I was gaining some ground, a dust devil came swirling past me, blowing dirt into my eyes. I turned my head, and saw an older gentleman to my right, breaking down and starting to walk. He said "F*^$ing wind! It's ruining my race!!" And, that's when I realized this was a huge problem.

The wind was against me for nearly half the race, and I exuded so much energy pushing against it, I knew it was going to affect me in the end. But despite the wind, as I hit the half way mark, I was right on target to meet my goal time: I crossed 13.1 at 2 hours 4 minutes. I was so excited! And then, around mile 16 or so, I felt something most unexpected... a sharp digging pain in my foot, and knew I was in trouble.

You know those black toenails I have? Well it seems three of them decided to make their long awaited departure during the race. But rather than coming all the way off, they just lifted, and were hanging by a thread, and pushing back into my toes, causing a jabbing pain. I could feel the blood seeping through my socks, and a couple of miles later, two nails on my other foot were feeling left out and joined the going away party. I ran the rest of the race this way.

On Van Winkle, several things lifted my spirits. The row of kids with outstretched arms wanting to give me a high five. The two guys who ran up along side me and said "You sound like you're ready to play marbles!" It was my little tube of Ibuprophen in my utility belt jingling. I hadn't noticed it making all that noise! The Latin band complete with dancers and a drummer. And, another appearance from my Kristi, who ran along side me, and gave me another boost of encouragement. I love this girl.

As I reached 45th south, I knew it was just a couple of blocks to 5th East and I would have another moral boost. That's where my family would be waiting. I could see the corner in the distance, and saw my dad chasing my nephew, Noah. I suddenly started to run a little faster. I turned the corner, and there they were-- my own little cheering section. I yelled for them, and then I heard my aunt say "There's our Jen!" Then my nephews and cousins sprung into action, running toward me, giving me hugs and hi-fives, and chanting "Go Jen! Go Jen! Go Jen!" My little Noah didn't want to let go of my hand as I blew a kiss goodbye. They ran along side me and chanted their cheer as I headed toward Fitts Park, and my eyes full of tears again. I loved my little cheerleaders. I later learned they had been practicing for my arrival.

I passed the park, and was a bit behind schedule but still in pretty good shape. 5th East seemed to go forever. Just before Liberty Park, I could see the pink sign again and knew it was Kristi. She had travelled to yet another location to cheer me on. She said "Jen, you're so close! You're almost there! I wish I was running with you!" And, I wished for that too. It's so hard to do it by yourself. Jon and Phil were there too. They all gave me hugs, wished me luck and said they would see me at the finish line. And, I raced onto Liberty Park. And that's where I hit the wall.

I've never hit the wall before. In all my days of training, I've never had a moment where I thought I couldn't go on, but with 3 miles left, my body started to shut down. My hamstrings started to cramp and lock, my stomach felt as though a giant was grabbing and twising it like a wash cloth, and my feet-- oh, I could see the dark blood under my shoes. I could see the time starting to slip away. I looked around, and saw other running roadkill-- people who like me, didn't know what had hit them and that's when something hit me, and this time it wasn't a wall, it was my vision-- with me and Kristi running together, and suddenly I didn't feel like I was alone at all. I imagined her saying "Jen, we can do this-- we're almost there," and I felt like she was with me. I mustered up everything I had and started to run again.

Those last three miles were truly some of the most trying moments of my life. I wanted to burst into tears, and I had to run and walk off and on for the rest of the race, but I wasn't giving up. I had come too far.

I could see Gateway before me, and I started to cramp, and it was then when an angel appeared. I thought maybe I was hallucinating, but a man, who looked like he could have run a thousand marathons came running toward me. He had already completed the race and was coming to cheer me on. He grabbed my hand and with a huge smile said "What's your name?" "Jen," I breathlessly said. "Is this your first marathon?" he asked. "Yes, it is," I said. And then he did something I will never forget. He put his arm around me in my darkest moment, said "That is amazing! I am so proud of you! You are almost there, and you CAN do this! " He guided me around the corner and said, "two more blocks-- run for it!" And so, I did.

I ran down the center of Gateway saying out loud "two more blocks, two more blocks!" I turned to the runners next to me and yelled "We're almost there! Way to go!" As soon as I came into view, my friends and family started screaming for me, and I threw my hands up in victory! I gave them high-fives, and started to sprint toward the finish line. In my head I could hear Kristi saying, "finish strong,' and so I ran for my life. And, I crossed the finish line.

Immediately I was supported by a sweet girl who asked, "are you okay?" I wasn't. I felt as though I might pass out. She said "oh dear, keep walking, are you going to barf?" It was possible, and so she walked me over to get my medal, and then held me up until I was okay to stand. She too was genuinely happy for me, and gave me a hug.

I am proud to say I finished before the man wearing no shoes, but I did not have the time I had visualized of 4 hours. It's okay though, I am proud I was able to push through my pain, and complete this goal. And Kristi, just tell me when and where, and we will run a marathon together. My vision won't change. This is something we have to do together someday.

And to all of you wonderful patrons who cheered me on as if I were family, all the volunteers who, God bless you, gave me water and gatorade, and to my own family and friends, who flooded with me text messages, emails, phone calls, and race day support, you will never know how much your love and kindness means to me. I am truly amazed by how powerful something like running a marathon can be. Thank you.

Today, I feel as though I've been in the ring with a sumo wrestler, and I can't wear anything but flip flops, but I am a new woman. I am a marathoner.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looks like I made the right decision...

The whole time I was thinking about finishing the half marathon I wasn't too excited. For one because I knew I had already run 13 miles in training and for two I was jealous of everyone who was going to do the full marathon. Here is how the events took place. Last night the marathon mommies invited our group to a pasta party. It was fun getting to know everyone that I recognized from the internet. Then I met Tara at the movies. We decided to see that movie "Run fat boy run". It was about marathon training, well kind of. Anyway it was funny though. I decided to spend the night at Tara's so I could get some sleep. Lettie hasn't been sleeping well again. So Adam was nice to take care of the kids for me last night. Poor thing didn't sleep very well with Lettie last night. Anyway so I set my alarm or 4:15 am and took a shower and actually fixed my hair before a run. After seeing the myself on the news I decided to be vain and fix my hair a little. Although this didn't matter because the wind was blowing like crazy during the run. So Tara and I left her house around 5:20 am and got to the Gateway mall to park our car and ride Trax up to the start. We met up with Jen and got on Trax which was packed by the way. It seemed like it took forever to get to the bridge we finally made it and found Kera waiting for us. We got in line with a whole bunch of people in front and then it quickly filled up behind us. I think we had about ten minutes to wait to start. It was so exciting to be a part of all of the action. The gun went off and it took a little bit for us to get going but once we did it was awesome. I remember reading somewhere to start out slow because you'll want to go faster because of the adreanaline. I think we went a little too fast at first. It was such an amazing feeling everyone running with a purpose to get to the finish line. Tara and I stayed together quite a bit. We had to walk some because of our knees hurting. We would only walk for 30 seconds at a time though. Anyway we were together I think until mile 8 or 9. Tara stopped to stretch. I asked her if she wanted me to wait and she said it was ok if I kept going. So even though I was a little sad without her I kept on. I was on the verge of tears most of the run. I was just happy and amazed at myself that I was running a race with all these people. I had my ipod on but in between songs I could hear the sound of everyones feet hitting the ground. It was a wonderful sound. Thoughout the race on the streets there were a lot of people cheering us on. There was this little old lady standing on one corner smiling so big. She looked at us and said, "you are doing great, I'm proud of you". I just loved that little old lady. Of course I almost burst into tears at that point too. Last night I put "What a wonderful world" on my ipod. At aroung mile 10 it started playing. I had another moment. I think I actually had tears this time. I was thinking about how great this day was because everyone was so positive and cheering each other on. I was thinking of how great things could be if every day were like this day. Not that I could run 13 miles every day but that everyone could be this happy and positive and work together for something good. I told myself then that I would strive to be more positive and strive to let little things go and just enjoy my life. Anyway so my knee that I hurt while I was training was starting to get a little sore at mile 11, but my other knee was hurting worse. I had to stop and walk a lot. I only allowed myself 30 seconds of walking at a time. It was so hard because I was so close. So anyway I kept going and I could see the Gateway mall (the finish). I was getting really excited and told myself that once I turned the corner where all the fans were I would run like crazy to get there. When I turned the corner I saw tons of fans on either side of me. It was awesome. I heard Adam yell my name and I saw three mohawks looking at me. He shaved Ethan and Garrett's hair into mohawks and spiked Lettie's hair into one. Although I was unhappy to see their mohawks, I was happy to see that Adam didn't shave Lettie's hair too. Anyway So right at the time I saw my family, I heard tons of cheering and yelling. I was loving it thinking everyone was cheering for me. Just then I turned my head to the left and saw three Kenyans sprinting and I mean sprinting to the finish line, they were finishing the marathon yes that's right The marathon in the time it took me to finish the half. I just laughed to myself. Those guys were amazing to watch. They stole my glory. Just kidding. I decided after seeing them to sprint to the finish. It was so great. In all of my sprinting I didn't realize that I couldn't walk. I limped to find my family and wait for Tara to finish. It was an awesome feeling. I didn't think it could be so good because I only did the half but regardless I loved it. I loved the adrenaline, I loved the feelings I had while I ran with all those people. I'm hooked on that feeling and I want to do more. Tara came in and we went and got free massages. I was limping around the whole time. She was fine and she was the one that had worse problems than I did. What a punk. Anyway while I was getting my massage the man told me that it felt like I had torn something in my leg. So yeah great huh? I was wise in just doing the half instead of the full. I decided that I will start training again in December for the SLC marathon 2009. Yippee. I now understand why people like doing these things. Oh what a feeling!!! There are more pics to come but here's a few of my mohawk kiddies.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The best commercial ever

For any Discovery Channel fans out there...(me!) I saw this tonight and loved it.

Hopefully you can get inspired by it in your own way.

Talk about nervous!!!

Ok, I'm so freaking nervous that it feels like my veins are about to explode. But I'm so happy to report that....I'm healed!!!

I've been going to the great therapists at South Mountain Physical Therapy, and they've been great. The doc told me today that I don't even need to come in tomorrow, that all the inflammation is gone. I'm so excited!!! I feel really good. Now I just have to figure out how to not throw up every two seconds.

OMG, OMG, OMG...three more days!!!

I'm getting really nervous!!! my knees have been giving me some trouble for the past month or so. Everytime I run, one or both of them start to hurt. I went to physical therapy and they showed me all of these types of exercises and stretches. I have been doing them but I still feel pain when I run. I am really nervous about Saturday. Maybe I should't even run. I talked to a guy in my office ( who is an avid Marathoner) and he says that I should just try on Saturday but that it's okay if I have to be carried on a stretcher to the finish line. So now I totally picture myself doing just that! I am freaking out here! I feel like everything I have been trying just doesn't seem to help. Lots of advil, lots of icing, and lots of stretching. Maybe I am just not cut out to be a "runner". (Although, someone did call me a "runner" the other day and I kinda liked it!) I really do love running as long as my knees don't hurt.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My ladies are TV stars...

So, there is one sure thing that will happen when you're #1 best friends with a news reporter, and #2 in a running group with one, and that is your lovely mug will end up on the evening news. And that is exactly what happened to my wonderful running group tonight. For those of you who missed the blessed news story on KUTV, you can watch it here. I would love to hear what everyone thought. I, for one, thought the girls did a fabulous job, and I appreciate their love and understanding for my usage of Kera's underwear comment and Kristi's hospital picture. Come on girls, cut me some slack-- I was on assignment! You all looked beautiful and inspired all of our viewers. Thanks for being such great sports!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Official Breakdown...

So I have always heard how emotional marathons were. I never actually realized that until I was involved myself. So, last night was my official meltdown.

It happened at about 11:00 at night. I had just taken a melatonin and gotten into bed. I knew that I wouldn't be falling asleep right away. I had an almost angry feeling, and it was so all over the place that I couldn't explain it.

Earlier this week, as many of you know, I went to what I thought was a sports medicine doctor to treat my pain in the sides of my knees. I was really looking forward to someone who would validate me and what I was doing and tell me that he would do everything he could (that day, even) to help me get ready for this race.

I should have known when I got meanie pants receptionists when I called to make my appointment that this was the wrong guy. I should have known when they didn't tell me what to wear or how long to plan on being there, or anything that this was the wrong guy. The bottom line is: he was the wrong guy. He only spent 5 minutes with me, told me that running isn't fun, and then told me to make another appointment for Tuesday. I was frustrated- did you really make me find a babysitter, run all around town, pay my co-pay to tell me you'll see me next week?!? Do you realize the marathon is next week??? I want freaking results now!!!!

My frustration turned into anger and quite honestly jealousy when I found out that Jen found this amazing guru that made all her problems go away. I was happy for her, but for some reason I was angry. I don't mean to sound like a psycho, but I'm just trying to be honest for the sake of my posterity. She told me that it was fine and that we live in America and I could see him too (not an actual quote), but it's too freaking late. I will call Monday, but I feel like it's too freaking late.

These negative feelings were also perpetuated by my newest pain the day after my dr. visit. My kneecaps were hurting so bad from absolutely nothing. I hadn't run the past two days, and now my knees were hurting in a completely different spot to the point that I couldn't bend my legs. What the crap.

So fast forward to last night again- 11:30. I got into bed and immediately got out ready to punch something. I went downstairs and sat on my couch and let out a cry that I hadn't let out since right before I got my epidural for my first child. It was an ugly cry for sure- with boogers, snot...the works.

So many emotions were swirling through my head. Utter frustration that my body isn't cooperating, my ego getting in the way because I told so many people and I might not be able to finish, nervousness and sadness that only 2 out our 6 will be running the full. I wanted to scream out loud but I couldn't. I heard my husband come down the stairs and I was glad. He is great at making me feel better at times like these.

The truth is though, few people know what I'm going through. I hope our fellow readers can forgive me for my weakness, and more than anything I hope you know what I'm going through. What a bond you are able to forge with someone when you are both doing such a momentous thing. We have a greater ability to just understand. I guess that's what I wanted my doctor to do, and I guess that's what I want everybody to do.

The marathon is such a unique test of character, will, and ego. I am finding that I just have to let mine go (it's huge) and do the best that I can knowing that regardless of what happens, I am forever changed from this experience and that I'm a better everything for it.

Here's to our last week before the race. I hope everyone reaches their own personal goals and has a safe, amazing week before the big day!!


Negative Ned

This is a name that my friend's family calls her when she is being negative. I feel like my interview was a little negative today. I wish I could do it over again. I actually do like to run and I liked it even more so today. I think my good runs have a lot to do with the weather and whether or not I am running alone or with someone. Today on our last run together the weather was perfect. We didn't run very much but I enjoyed every bit of it. I even caught up to you Jen but you may have been going slower than usual. Thats okay it felt good either way. So what I am saying is that this has been an enjoyable experience for me. Even though I am not as close to everyone as ya'll are, I am grateful I was able to come in and join the group. I know I never wouldv'e done this on my own. Thanks girls for all of your help and guidance. Good Luck with the marathon! I am just a little sad I am running the half but I remember when I started this training I thought I couldn't even run a mile without dying. Look how far I've come. One day maybe I'll do a marathon too. Okay I know I will. I'm hooked. I don't know what I am gonna do with all my Saturdays now. I have to watch my kids!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I am a new woman... and runner.

So, I've been having some issues. As in things preventing me from enjoying my runs. I know, you non-runners out there are thinking "why would you ever enjoy running?" but I truly do, and when something hurts, let me tell you, it puts a major cramp in my style-- literally.

I finally broke down (yes, sobbing the ugly cry at the realization I may have to run 26.2 miles in miserable pain, or worse yet, may completely destroy my body in the process) and made an appointment with a physical therapist. It was two weeks before the race, and I had to travel to Southern Utah for work for two days, so by the time I would get in for my appointment, I would have a week and a half to the big day. That's not much time to get myself in ship-shape and rehabilitate, but at that point I was desperate.

On Wednesday, I went into South Mountain Sports Medicine in Draper. I went in my running clothes and running shoes, not really knowing what to expect. The therapist, Charles, was WONDERFUL!!!!! He examined, and poked, and pushed, and prodded in all the hurtful places, then we got right to work making me better. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and have been experiencing some pretty bad knee pain. He quickly determined it was my MCL, and that the plantar fasciitis in my foot was pretty severe. His crew went through all sorts of stretches with me, then massaged my injuries with what I believe is magic gel, then ultra-sounded my knee (no, there's no baby in there, just my knee. Sorry to disappoint all the Mormon women who are praying for my future offspring to make what they believe to be a long-awaited and over due appearance. Guess they'll have to continue to wait in Heaven, much to my wickedness and demise.) and then, they stuck little electro-shockers on my leg, strapped me up with ice, and proceeded to torture me by rubbing an ice cup on my foot, and holding me down so I couldn't squirm. Yes, it hurt and made me never want to look at an ice cube again, but by golly, it WORKED! That same day I was feeling much much much better, and today I went back, redid the whole routine, and once again, I am feeling BETTER! My foot feels like it's clearing up, and the pain in my knee has gone down.

Praise the Lord, give me some Hallelujahs, because I have seen the light! I've been healed! (okay, maybe not completely and miraculously healed, but they did save my marathon dreams, and I am eternally grateful). I am now recommending all of you go in and see this fabulous man and let him torture you so you too can feel pain free again! I am going in 3x next week, in hopes the healing will continue and I will be at 100% come April 19th.

I'm a believer!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I want to thank our readers again, for #1: even reading our blog... and #2: posting such helpful and supportive comments. Thanks to all those who share my knee pain. I've been running this week, (granted only 3 miles) with no pain and I have a doctors' appointment on Thursday.

So many of you referred to "pain killers" when talking about knee pain. Question: Are these real painkillers, like from a doctor? Or are you just referring to Ibuprofen. And if the latter, how many should I take, when and where. Unfortunately, I'm counting on "painkillers" to get me through this. Isn't it funny when pain is all you are thinking about, how it can swallow you? I self diagnosed myself with a couple more injuries the other day and I'm interested to see what the doc says.

Happy Running!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Excuse me while I have a moment

I don't like running by myself. It's, well frankly hard. Anyway since I am training for just the half still, I have to run alone the long runs. Tara is still working on getting better. Anyway I had to run 9 miles today. I didn't want to do it. I had to drive the route first it was to be 4.5 miles there and then 4.5 back. Man that was the longest 4.5 miles even in the car. When I finally made the first 4.5 miles there I was feeling pretty good, my knees felt great and I was happy I finished the first half of the run. I started out for the next half without my ipod on my ears. I think it just made me tired because I could hear my breathing. So I put it back on and started thinking. Usually I only think about finishing the run and I think about the run. I made myself think of other things. The more you think of other things the faster the run goes. I have a song on my ipod called Finally by Fergie. It's a slow song. Usually I won't have a slow song on my ipod because I think that's just dumb. But I love this song. It makes me think of my life. I thought of how grateful I am to be where I am today. I have my problems believe me ( you can ask my husband). But I really am blessed to have what I have in my life. I've come a long way baby. For those of you who knew me way back when. Don't you think? Well I have a family now, a great family. I am grateful for my Heavenly father for loving me enough to give me my family. He really has looked out for me and blessed me tremendously. I will tell you that I love my brothers and sisters and mom and dad even more now than I ever have. I am away from them so it's easier to miss them but when we all get together its so fun and I know they feel it too. I am grateful to my mom , I call her everyday sometimes twice a day. She listens and laughs at everything I have to say. My in laws are in town right now. I know I couldn't of married into a better family. I truly love them and all they do for us. Getting together with that half of my family is just as great as mine and I'm thankful for them. I am grateful where we are in our lives. Don't worry I'm not gonna die soon I just wanted to write my feelings down while I had them. Sometimes I get so caught up in my busy life that I don't sit back and think of how blessed I truly am. Maybe this will help you think about your life and realize that its not so bad. Anyway back to my run. I finished the 9 miles and even though I knew there were other people around I threw my arms into the air and yelled. I was happy and I didn't care who knew it.

Things needed to successfully run

Today I was supposed to do 5 miles. I got out the door this morning and ended up turning around and coming back home. I just wasn't feeling it this morning. I used every excuse I could think of to not run. I don't know what was wrong with me today. I just wasn't feeling it. I finally decided to try once again this afternoon. While I was running I figured out why I didn't want to run. First of all I figured out that in order to run, you need energy to run. My beautiful daughter was up until 2:30 am this morning for some reason. So that was probably reason #1 that I didn't want to run. Second, my inlaws are in town and my mother in law is a great cook and makes mexican food. We've been eating good this week. So my second reason is DON'T EAT BEANS the night before a run. It's not fun. Anyway I made it and on to the next run. You live and learn.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


1. to change (something) so that it fits, corresponds, or conforms; adapt; accommodate: to adjust expenses to income.
2. to put in good working order; regulate; bring to a proper state or position: to adjust an instrument.
3. to settle or bring to a satisfactory state, so that parties are agreed in the result: to adjust our differences.

I am having to adjust a lot of things in my life right now, all of which I am doing reluctantly. The first of which, happens to fall under Webster's number 2 definition of "adjust," and that would be my body.

Seems all this running and pounding I've been doing almost daily has put my pelvis all out of whack, which it is prone to do from an old fractured SI joint I damaged back in my pro dancing days. So, on Saturday when Kera and I were running and I felt something excruciatingly painful in my knee, I didn't push it, and went right to the chiropractor. And, he says an "adjustment" is just what I needed to take the pressure off of one area on my knee. It's still sore, but I'm going to see a sports medicine specialist on Wednesday, so hopefully I'll be back in running order in no time.

The next "adjustment" is one that falls under definition number 1: the adjustment of my marathon day vision. This one is the hardest one for me to make, and I still can't quite comprehend it. I'm talking about race day without my Kristi. Oh, it hurts to even type it! As Kera posted, Kristi and her husband, Phil, were in a terrible car accident, and they're pretty roughed up. I am so grateful they weren't seriously injured, but oh, how I am considering hunting the other driver down and giving him a piece of my mind! DOES HE KNOW WHAT HE'S DONE??!?!?!?!? He's taken a girl who's worked so hard for months and made it so she might not be able to complete a goal of a lifetime, and he's crushed her BFF in the process! It's selfish, and I am embracing the selfishness, but I have visualized us running this race together for YEARS and with one smash of a car, I am now having to face the harsh reality that I may have to do this alone, without Kristi, my pacesetter and beloved running buddy, by my side. I don't know if I can do it!

And, now our running group is down two of its future-hot-jeans-mamas with Kimmie's injury and car accident. Kimmie, I am so sorry! I hope you'll be able to do it! This whole situation is so very wrong!!!!!!

And so, I'm trying to "adjust," in number 3's definition of the word: I'm trying to settle in a satisfactory state. No matter what happens come April 19th, I want you 5 ladies to know how much I love and admire all of you! You've made 5 months of training a memory worth keeping, and I can't wait for our next adventure! (that's right, I'm already planning our next race-- who's in?!?!?)

Adjusting is hard.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well I never thought I would be running this Saturday by myself, but I was. I guess I have the unfortunate task of writing about this week's troubles.

We started out with 6 girls. Two got injured mid way into training. The four of us continued on in our journey until last week when we got the terrible news. Kristie, our pacesetter and beautiful friend was hit by a car with her husband driving home. Thank goodness they weren't seriously injured, but it was a serious accident and they were taken to the hospital and the 24 year driver of the other vehicle was life flighted. He was running from police and rear ended their car going 100 mph. I will let her tell the rest of the story if and when she's up to it- but that was the start of a week of awful luck.

Kimmie, another dear friend, was actually leaving the hospital after visiting Kristie and was also rear ended. Again, luckily, she was not seriously hurt, but she did have to go to the emergency room and both girls are suffering severe neck pain.

It is a very difficult thing to watch close friends suffer and I just want you to know Kristie and Kimmie, how much I enjoyed getting to know you and that I'm praying for your quick recovery in time for us all to run the marathon. Together.

So this Saturday for our last long run, there was just 2 of us left. It was an odd feeling having so many girls missing but we decided to do 15 miles anyway.

Long story short, Jen immediately started feeling intense pain in her knee and had to stop less than 2 miles into it. And that's how we got down to me running in my race day outfit alone, along the marathon course to the finish line.

Trust me, it's not as fun...but I guess I'm glad that I was able to finish. Not without a lot of pain though. I think I would have stopped myself if I had a choice but my car was parked at the finish line. So I had to keep going. I fear both my knees are injured. I'm going to go to a sports therapist as soon as I can. I'm so scared to hear what he's going to say because I've had this pain for awhile now and I've just kept going somehow.
Damn patella tendons!!!

Anyway, I don't feel like I wrote this post well, and I'm sweating right now as my two yr old is on top of me trying to type with me. I think I need to go pop some Ibuprofen.

Thanks to all our readers for their support and comments! We appreciate it so much and look forward to keeping this blog alive after the race. I intend to keep running until every spec of fat is off my thighs and then I'll just keep running because by that time, I'll probably be good at it.

I am beginning to understand that once you go *black you never go back.

*black, meaning toenails or the actual marathon (which doesn't make sense)...but black rhymed better and is funny.

Happy running to all of our readers and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on race day.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Marathon Invites

As some of you know, I do graphic design. I was thinking that I would make cute invites for friends inviting them to the marathon with the addresses of the places I would like them to come and cheer. I was going to make some for just myself and then I was thinking for our group and then I thought others might want some too. Please let me know if you are interested and I can quickly make you some drafts and we can have them printed for pretty cheap!!!


ps. the example is cut off at the end and the real thing will be centered.

What shall it read?

Need some ideas, fellow runners. What should WRFDJ have printed on our marathon day shirts?!?!?!? I need a catchy slogan, something that encompasses all we do-- accomplishing our goals, friendship, running, hot designer jeans, empowerment, you get the idea.

And, I need ideas ASAP! We have to take our shirts to get silk screened by Thursday if we want them done in time.

So, get those creative juices flowing!

Thanks in advance for all of your amazing ideas!


holy crap...

i would just like everyone to know that...


I love everybody.