Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's been awhile....and I'm awesome.

So I was wondering why I was getting so nauseated the week before the race. Why I threw up the day of. Well of course it was because I was nervous...but it's also because I'm 5 weeks pregnant. And that's why I'm awesome.

So hooray for me! I guess I got exactly what I wanted- a baby for after the marathon. How cute.

Anyway, the race was good. It was so fun to go to the Marathon Mommy party the night before. What amazing women you all are!!!

The morning of I got dropped off by Mac, and got to stretch and listen to Mama's (really bad) Fake Temple Choir. Some guy even recognized me from the news.

I started off with Jen, but lost her within the first mile. But I enjoyed the run by myself and got to see Mac and Owen, Kristie and Kimmie at Sugarhouse. I was chaffing in between my legs (what the freak) and my knees were already killing me, but they were so cute to encourage and support me.

I rubbed some Butt Paste on (thank goodness for diaper bags) and kept going. I saw more family at 2300 east and 4500 south. My knees were really slowing me down, but I still kept going. Then on 6200 South I saw Mac and my family again, and I had to stop from the pain. These two older women were running behind me and stopped to ask if i was ok. Mac got me some MyoMed and they asked if they could have some too. My father-in-law gave me an Ibuprofen and they wanted one too. We finally had to tell them that my family weren't volunteers, and they were so embarrassed. It was funny. They were so nice though and told me they'd be watching out for me.

I kept going and got to see cute Kristie at VanWinkle. I passed the Brazilian band and thought that was pretty dope. My knees started feeling better, but I suddenly was surprised at how tired my quads were. I kept going despite wind, and dust and sweat and pain. When I got to mile 24 I was so tired that I was fighting back tears. I kept passing and then falling behind the same group of cute people. We were in this vicious cycle of passing and then having to stop.

A woman ran by me and asked if we could run each other in. She told me that she was on track for Boston, but got turned around where the 1/2 and full split and went 5 miles off course. She was a veteran and was so nice to encourage me the last bit.

It was amazing to run through the finish line and see the people that support and love me the most. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible for me. (and i guess little embryo).

I also finally started a family blog so check it out if you are cool.


M&M said...

Wow!! Congratulations to you. What a perfect way to start your pregnancy. I hope everything goes well. It was so fun to meet you and I am sorry I didn't get to see you on Saturday. And you are most definitely awesome! :-)

I loved seeing cute Kristi also.

Erin said...

Holy crap!!! 5 miles out of the way? I hope for her sake she was exagerating.

I totally saw you right before you finished. I was walking back to my hotel and started freaking out when I saw you! Any memory of this?

Anyway, Congrats on being pregnant! So exciting! What great timing! Well deserved, and what a story to tell this little one.

Good luck lady!


Jen said...

Holy Freaking Crap, CALL ME THIS INSTANT!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...
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Ang said...

I'm guessing Jen didn't know this information about you being pregnant. CONGRATS!!!! Did you know you had a running buddy on Sat.? You are awesome and amazing!I'm so proud of you for finishing under such difficult conditions! WOW!

It was fun meeting Friday night and fun to see you during the race, if only for a couple of seconds. You were the only one I saw on the course that was running that I knew. :) (I saw cute Kristi of course. Love her.)

Anniebananie said...

You ARE awesome! Yeah! I loved seeing you! You did great and how fun to have a little one coming. CONGRATS! Good Job!

Suzie Petunia said...

WOW! Congratulations on the baby! That is so exciting... and you'll always have a very fun story to tell this child about the week you found out you were pregnant. :) I am so happy for you. And it was wonderful meeting you!

Ang said...

Hey WRFDJ girls! Just wanted to tell you I posted my marathon race report on my personal blog. Just in case you feel like reading a novel. I kind of went nuts on the details. :) Love you girls!

Lindsay S said...

That is so amazing. I was so wiped out when I was first pregnant. That is so awesome that you ran a marathon 5 weeks pregnant. Also, congrats to all the WRFDJ girls. I loved reading your stories. I will fully admit they had me in tears reading them. Such motivation for me. Thanks you and congrats

Anne said...

Congratulations on everything. What exciting news!

Oh my crap, chaffing is my worst enemy. I am SportShield's biggest fan. If you haven't tried that before, you should check it out.

I'm so glad you made it through the race with your knees acting up, and yay for having your family there to cheer you on...and give you drugs.

Welcome to the marathon club!!

JP said...

Congrats! Such fantastic news!!

RuthMcC said...

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