Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Marathon Invites

As some of you know, I do graphic design. I was thinking that I would make cute invites for friends inviting them to the marathon with the addresses of the places I would like them to come and cheer. I was going to make some for just myself and then I was thinking for our group and then I thought others might want some too. Please let me know if you are interested and I can quickly make you some drafts and we can have them printed for pretty cheap!!!


ps. the example is cut off at the end and the real thing will be centered.


Jen said...

I think that sounds darling! I'm in, if it's not too expensive. And, I found a fabulous photographer to come and take pictures of us. hooray!

Lindsay said...

First I would like to wish you all the best of luck...I have enjoyed reading your blog so much and as your training has come (almost) to an end mine is beginning on monday. I was just curious if this blog will stay active after the marathon? Even if you guys dont post any more posts...I would love if it stayed up cause I really rely on looking at previous posts for so many of my questions!! Also if none of you are going to check back for comments I was wondering if I could contact one or any of you for questions that may come up while I am training. I know that is asking a lot..but I really have LOVED the advice I have received from you and would love to continue to ask (if thats ok) in the future.(cause I know questions will come up) Let me know. Sorry for the long comment. Good luck on the 19th!!! Cant wait to read how it all goes.

Anne said...

I came across this blog yesterday and I love it! I'm a runner too. I've run 2 marathons, 2 half marathons, and a few 10K's here and there. Training and running full marathons are so overwhelming that my current trend is to only do one every 3 years. My goal after I have baby #1 (God willing sometime next year)is to train for NYC marathon in 2010. You ladies inspire me to do just that (and maybe an excuse to get another nice pair of jeans, hee hee)! Good luck on the 19th. For me, mile 18 is when it starts getting tough, but I promise it's the best feeling ever once you cross the finish line. You'd never realize running could cause so much emotion to well up within you.

Anonymous said...

You guys are great! I hope you have a really good race and that you continue to blog when it's over.