Friday, April 11, 2008

I am a new woman... and runner.

So, I've been having some issues. As in things preventing me from enjoying my runs. I know, you non-runners out there are thinking "why would you ever enjoy running?" but I truly do, and when something hurts, let me tell you, it puts a major cramp in my style-- literally.

I finally broke down (yes, sobbing the ugly cry at the realization I may have to run 26.2 miles in miserable pain, or worse yet, may completely destroy my body in the process) and made an appointment with a physical therapist. It was two weeks before the race, and I had to travel to Southern Utah for work for two days, so by the time I would get in for my appointment, I would have a week and a half to the big day. That's not much time to get myself in ship-shape and rehabilitate, but at that point I was desperate.

On Wednesday, I went into South Mountain Sports Medicine in Draper. I went in my running clothes and running shoes, not really knowing what to expect. The therapist, Charles, was WONDERFUL!!!!! He examined, and poked, and pushed, and prodded in all the hurtful places, then we got right to work making me better. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and have been experiencing some pretty bad knee pain. He quickly determined it was my MCL, and that the plantar fasciitis in my foot was pretty severe. His crew went through all sorts of stretches with me, then massaged my injuries with what I believe is magic gel, then ultra-sounded my knee (no, there's no baby in there, just my knee. Sorry to disappoint all the Mormon women who are praying for my future offspring to make what they believe to be a long-awaited and over due appearance. Guess they'll have to continue to wait in Heaven, much to my wickedness and demise.) and then, they stuck little electro-shockers on my leg, strapped me up with ice, and proceeded to torture me by rubbing an ice cup on my foot, and holding me down so I couldn't squirm. Yes, it hurt and made me never want to look at an ice cube again, but by golly, it WORKED! That same day I was feeling much much much better, and today I went back, redid the whole routine, and once again, I am feeling BETTER! My foot feels like it's clearing up, and the pain in my knee has gone down.

Praise the Lord, give me some Hallelujahs, because I have seen the light! I've been healed! (okay, maybe not completely and miraculously healed, but they did save my marathon dreams, and I am eternally grateful). I am now recommending all of you go in and see this fabulous man and let him torture you so you too can feel pain free again! I am going in 3x next week, in hopes the healing will continue and I will be at 100% come April 19th.

I'm a believer!


Erin said...


I am so excited for you! I can't wait to cheer you on! You are going to be amazing!

Ang said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy you are feeling better!

Eaglewood said...

I would love to know how many designer jeans I would need to buy to get a date with the girl who was staring me down when she was on assignment a couple weeks ago??? Ready to go shopping?