Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I want to thank our readers again, for #1: even reading our blog... and #2: posting such helpful and supportive comments. Thanks to all those who share my knee pain. I've been running this week, (granted only 3 miles) with no pain and I have a doctors' appointment on Thursday.

So many of you referred to "pain killers" when talking about knee pain. Question: Are these real painkillers, like from a doctor? Or are you just referring to Ibuprofen. And if the latter, how many should I take, when and where. Unfortunately, I'm counting on "painkillers" to get me through this. Isn't it funny when pain is all you are thinking about, how it can swallow you? I self diagnosed myself with a couple more injuries the other day and I'm interested to see what the doc says.

Happy Running!


Anne said...

Umm...mine was some mystery pain pill that my co-worker gave me (which my mother gave me so much hell for), but in subsequent races I've just used Advil. I take three at a time, before the race and depending on the length of the race I might take a few more while I'm running.

I'm glad to hear that your knees haven't been bothering you in the last few days. Hopefully that continues.

Ang said...

I do what Anne does. I take three ibuprofen before the race (600mg total) and then I plan on taking three more at mile 13 during the marathon. I did this for my 20 mile run and it seem to work beautifully.

Jen said...

My doc will give me samples of Celebrex which unlike Ibuprofen won't hurt your stomach. Seems to work better for me too. I take it before the race or workout and since it works for 24 hours I usually don't need any after. However if you do, you can always take Tylenol afterwards. Good luck!

Suzie Petunia said...

Wow! I do the EXACT regimen of self-medication as anne and ang. 3 ibuprofen before and 3 half way. Works for me!