Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ode to a foam roller....

It's a round, rolly polly,
But I'm conviced it is HOLY!
'Cause it saved me from distress...
Inflicted by my IT band that's a mess.
I reluctantly fork out the money,
Knowing I would look pretty funny....
And I was skeptical it would help....
And would only make me yelp.
And yelp I did last night,
For it hurt me oh so right....
But today, it's power awes me,
Because my IT band isn't hurting!
I know it's not gone completely,
So I'll keep on rolling daily...
Because if it helps me get through 26.2,
I don't care if I look like a looney toone!

Thanks for all your advice, fellow runners! I am on my way to a better IT band! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

You darn right something was off

I think we all felt a little out of sorts on Saturday. I usually am the slow one but this time I was even slower. I don't know what it was. I kept saying to myself that " oh I'm so tired " or " that snow looks so soft I'm just gonna plop right down into it". Everything was negative. I went to the store and bought "The non-runners marathon training book". Its very helpful. It says the more negative things you say as you run, the harder it will be to run. Which makes sense right? I have tried some of the strategies it says in my weekly runs and it has helped. What a difference being positive makes. I also got the right size for my tight magic pants. I ran in them the other day. They do make a difference. But I am still too scared to run in my neighborhood or at the gym with them on. My husband rather enjoyed them though, He would! When you got it you got it right? I just have a little too much of it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I am turning into an old lady...

I feel like an old lady at the age of 32! My left knee was killing me after the 10 mile run so I bought a knee brace thingy and it has been feeling much better. Then after the 9 miles on this past Sat. my right knee is killing me. I have been taking so much advil that I think it has caused me to have an ulcer or something because now I feel like I have permanent indigestion. What the heck! I can't win for losing...or something like that. But I am not giving up yet! I am not giving up until after I finish the dang marathon. Too many people know that I am running so I can't really give up now anyways. Other than that, I have really enjoyed running. Every time I start I think..what the heck am I doing...but then about half way through I really start to enjoy it. I am done complaining for now... but I hope I start feeling better because it really sucks! I kinda need my knees to cooperate if I am going to run 26.2 miles.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

One IS the lonliest number...

I'd have to say I agree with Jen, something was off. Yesterday I was missing the five necessities for a good run.... the girls. I'm in Fresno. Flat, gloomy, rainy Fresno. And even worse yet, I had to run 9 lonely miles... solo. I have to admit that I sometimes question Jen and Kristi's sanity when they show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in appearance and demeanor every Saturday morn. Every single week I hear, "Oh my gosh you guys, look at how beautiful it is up here! Aren't we so lucky to get to run here!?" Are you kidding me? I often think to myself, "We are running 10+ miles and I might DIE, who cares about the scenery!" Let me tell you, yesterday I decided the scenery DOES matter, we ARE lucky and the group you run with matters too. I ran under a doom and gloom sky past dirt, lots of dirt, run down buildings, strawberry fields, soggy houses, oh and an old El Camino spray painted 50 colors, all by myself with not a hill in sight! BORRRR-ING. I decided I love hills, I love beautiful mountains, I love the snow, and I even love the colder weather. I love magic beans and GU. I love my magic running pants. And above all of that, I love the new friendships I have made.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Something was off today....

It's hard for me to pinpoint just what it was, but I couldn't get into my groove today on the group run. Maybe it was the fact that Kristi was sick and couldn't come, or that Kimmie was out of town, or that I hadn't gotten much sleep in the last 3 days. But, I think the most likely culprit was my lack of running and eating right this last week. I had to go out of town for work at last minute, and was in the middle of nowhere. My destination: Wells, Nevada. Home of legal prostitution and the closest town to Thursday's earthquake epicenter. It's only population 1,000ish, therefore, food and exercise options were limited. But it didn't take exercise to get my heart racing-- just aftershocks rattling my nerves multiple times during the days and nights, and live shots in a gazillion newscasts. Despite the exhaustion, I love breaking news. And, despite my off-beat morning, I loved our group run.

We went up and down Millcreek Canyon. It was a rainy/snowy morning, and the fog still filled the canyon. The fresh snow made the pine trees look like frosted sugar cookies, and the crisp air invigorated my senses.

Another thing that was off? Either my mile/timer thingy, or Melissa's. So, we either ran 8.9 or 7.8 miles. Either way, it was good. Kristi, we miss you and Mr. Garmen. Come back please.

Oh, and here are some pics from a run past. Can't wait for a good night's sleep and a focused week ahead of diligent runs and eating right.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

woo hoo I've been invited to join the blog. All I can say is my knee fell off back at the run. I was only supposed to do the half marathon but thanks to my sis I have been talked (for some crazy reason and its not jeans) into running the full marathon. I am excited and I hope I didn't hurt my knee too bad. I've been resting it this week. I cry at every thing I read about people fininshing marathons and I am so excited to finish my first one and cry while I am doing it. Happy cries! I never imagined myself finishing a half marathon, but I did slowly but surely.

If one thing goes wrong...

Well, after that hint from Jen, I figured I needed to post! Sorry it has been so long! These past few weeks, my free time has been consumed with other projects...but still, no excuses.

Last Saturday was a great run. I was so excited to do the run again because it was my favorite training run last year. I love running out of the canyon, the scenery, the downhills; I love it all. It is also really neat to think this is the route the pioneers and many others entered the Salt Lake Valley.

Let's be honest though, I think that tops the chart for craziest run yet. Everything just seemed to be working against us. From Tara and the issues with the tow truck, to all of us forgetting our keys, phones, purses at the top, to trying to figure out how to get to the places we needed to be on time, etc. Just craziness! With that said, we all finished! It is a rewarding feeling to finish that run.

However, I need to vent about a major issue I am having. I realized that with running so many things have to work together to have a good run. And, if just one thing, one little minor thing goes wrong, running (long distances) is terrible! For example, I have to be dressed in the right clothes, have the right shoes (with the right socks), have my i-pod fully charged with good music, have the right nourishment planned at the right places (goo, water, gatorade, fruit), have gone to the bathroom, have my body (knee in particular) cooperate, be in the right frame of mind, have friends to run with, the list could go on and on. So, what happens if just one of these things go wrong? Running is not fun!!! Maybe it is my mindset, but it's like all I can think about is the shirt that keeps rubbing or how I haven't had water in 4 miles or that I have no music to listen to or how my knee is throbbing! All my thoughts get consumed on the one bad thing. I try to ignore it, but there is not much else to do than think about it.

So, this past run I was faced with a frequent problem I have to overcome. At mile 8, I realized I really needed to use the restroom. Sorry if this is something you guys do not want to read about, but it is a problem! I have bladder issues and they are seriously magnified by 100 when I run. So, what happened to me? Instantly, my perfect run is destroyed. All thoughts, all feelings, everything is now focused about my situation and where to find a restroom. With each stride I take, it gets worse and worse. With each minute that goes by too slowly it feels like this is possibly the worst thing I could be doing. I know i've heard other runners have problems with this (bladder issues) and I am glad none of you girls have to face it, but honestly it really makes me so frustrated. I can't enjoy running when it comes up. So, finally at mile 11, a 7-11 appears. I was saved! But, those 3 miles were just awful! I guess it is just something that I am going to have to work through. I just hate it! Anyone who might be reading this and have this problem, please give me suggestions.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


..... That's weird. I could have sworn it was more than just Kera and me on that 13 mile run Saturday. I was sure there were 4 other girls, all with their experiences to share and blog. Well, could have been that magic-- we never had tried out the beans before. O-well, guess Kera and I will be the only WRFDJ ladies benefitting from journaling our race to the finish line.

This is a not so subtle hint, slackers. Get blogging.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wonder Wom(e)n

It really must have been magic- I am still alive!!! Frequent visitors of WRFDJ may be wondering why I haven't posted in awhile. Well, it's a fun story. Long story short, my husband and I have been in 7 car accidents since December, I thought I broke my foot, and we have finally found a home to move into. Lots of drama, I know, but you are going to get some reading an all girl blog.

Speaking of my foot, though, I was so scared. I dropped a 50 lb piece of glass on it while we were moving, and seriously thought my goal to run would be impossible. Sure, I had watched movies where people had overcome adversity, but this was real life- this was me. Let's just say I was expecting the worst. It got better and better after the first week, and I'm so glad to say that it's almost fully recovered! I got to run the most challenging and beautiful run of my life...13.2 miles down Emigration Canyon. I can't believe it. Like really. Driving back up that mountain to get my car was pretty dope. Well at least I felt pretty dope. And I am. We all are!!! We really did it!

I really didn't think I was going to be able to do it considering I hadn't run in weeks. Like Jen said, it must have been magic. Now granted, I wasn't nearly as fast as I was, but the point is...I finished. I ran a half marathon. I have already completed something I never thought I would, and now 26.2 seems reachable. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can actually enjoy bringing my son along for the runs.

I got home from the run and had planned a romantic night with my husband at a hotel. (Our first night away from Owen!) We had sushi and then cruised over. It was freaking hilarious. You try being romantic when you can't move your legs. Are you getting a mental picture??? I'm sorry if you are, but it's freaking funny. I was so tired too, that it turned out to be more of a comedy than anything. But we enjoyed ourselves, and now I know not to plan anything after the marathon.

Everything aside, I'm just glad if nothing else, to have been in the company that I was in. We are such a dynamic group and I love you all to death!!! Party at my house soon! I'm excited to break out the new china.


ps. I'm making a reluctant promise not to eat any junk food this week. That's all for now.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I believe in magic. The magic that comes from working toward the goal of a lifetime. Magic from special tight pants and new shoes. Magic from a disgusting substance called GU you throw back in your mouth and swallow as quickly as you can before your gag reflex kicks in. And also, the best kind of magic, the kind that comes from your best friends and running girls who love and support you through one of the toughest times of your life.

That's right, our run today is indisputable proof that magic exists, and we here at WRFDJ are walking... okay, limping... evidence.

Our day began with a very frantic phone call, made from one hysterical Tara to Kristi. She stated Melissa had come to meet her before the run this morning, and while they ran inside for a moment, a tow-truck driving meanie began to load her car up on his crane. They walked out during the towing process, and kindly asked if he would take down said car. He informed them he would, for $150 cash.

As they scrambled to get the dough together, we decided we would wait at Liberty Park for them, despite our tight schedule. We waited as long as we could, then loaded in Kera's new wheels and made the long and winding trek up Emigration Canyon.

There's something ominous about driving the long route you know you will soon be running. Up, up, up we went, leaving water, Gatorade, and GU in secret places along the way. Just as we arrived at the top, Tara and Melissa joined us. They had to fork out the money, and speed to meet us, but we were complete: all six members of the team. Magic helped them not miss us before our start, indeed.

All of us thought this was our starting place, but oh no, Ms. Kristi had other plans. We would drive down the other side of the canyon, run up it, then down it, and back to Liberty Park. Okay, those of you who are familiar with Salt Lake City can picture where Liberty Park is, right? Fairly close to state street along 7th East, in the Valley. Now, if you've looked directly East, you see the mountains in the far off distance. Now picture yourself in the middle of those mountains. That was our starting point. Can you say intimidation? No, more like fear. It would be a long and trecherous road, but we knew we must carry on. It was half marathon day.

And so we had our next magical experience of the day-- the magic beans. They look like jelly beans, but taste like Flintstone Vitamins from my childhood, and I'm convinced they have super powers. How can I make such an outlandish claim? Because only magic beans could have made me run up that enormous hill at the speed I did without even being winded, leaving my running mates in the dust. Magic, I tell ya, straight from Dumbledore himself.

Coming to the top of that hill was magical in itself. The view from the top lifted my spirits, and somehow Liberty Park didn't seem so far away. Unfortunetly, this little bit of magic didn't last. Must have been fairy dust, because it wore off pretty quickly. In fact, I felt the last of its effects at about mile 4, when Kristi made a shocking revelation. All of our car keys were in Kera's car.... as in the car parked where we started.... as in the opposite direction of where we were going.... and our cars were all back at Liberty Park, our ending destination. How not even one of us six grown women realized our poor lack of judgement before we took off like road runners, I will never understand. Maybe it was a side effect of those magic beans.

We thought we would just come up with a plan as we ran. And so, run we did, for a very, very long time.

We knew once we saw the apartment complex at the mouth of the canyon, we would be in good shape-- more than halfway! And so, when we spotted it, Kristi gave a victory cheer! Hooray! It came faster than we thought! That's the funny thing about magic, it can also make objects appear closer than they really are. I swear that mountain range was moving, and it wasn't going our direction. Every bend we'd think we were there, and then there would be another. But finally we reached the bottom of the canyon, and also our second refueling station.

Kristi, Kimmie, and I all stayed together. We downed some GU (ugh, ugh, ugh. I HATE IT!), some apples, and some water, checked our directions, and waited, hoping our other three ladies would come soon. They did not, and we started to cramp. And so, we decided we would have to go, and they would catch up.

Down, down, down we went, and honk, honk, honks we got, along with an F-bomb. Drivers are so mean! Where do they want us to go? It's a big road, with not a lot of traffic for pete's sake, go around us!

But a few grumpy, foul-mouthed drivers were no match for magic, or WRFDJ. We came up with a plan to try and get to our car keys. We would run by Kimmie's house, which coincentally was on our way, and grab her spare key. Once we reached the park, she would then drive us up to Kera's car in the canyon where we could get our keys, then we would drive back to the park to get our cars.

Once we reached the park, we rejoiced, and took a moment to look back at the mountains in the far off distance. Holy-Manoly. We just ran a half marathon. The other girls joined us about 10-15 minutes later, and we created a finish line. And, we had a key to get into Kimmie's car! Hooray! But, wait, something was wrong.... she pushed the unlock button on her unlocker-battery-powered-thingy, and nothing. No unlocking, just nothing. Then panic. I had to be to work at 2, and it was already 1.

That's when the magic came back, in the form of a grandfatherly type man wearing a racoon on his head. He had a cell phone. Kimmie called her sweet friend, Nate, who agreed to drive all six of us tired, giddy women who smelled of recess up to their car keys. And what's more, it's as if a wide array of treats suddenly poofed into Nate's car from out of thin air! Chips, and Mike 'N Ikes, and Reeces Pieces! And, we needed that magic again to fit all seven of us into his little automobile. Thanks Nate! You're our knight in shining armour! (but better than those strange-o's who were playing dungeons and dragons in the park while we waited for you to arrive. Much better)

Magic carried us through 13 miles, and I know the magic will be back again next weekend for our group run. How come? Because my girlies will be there, wearing their magic pants and shoes, with beans and GU in tow, and enough love and support to carry us onto another two months of training, and the 26.2 ahead. Love you guys! Do you believe in magic?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will Run For New Boyfriend...

Can I change my prize from designer jeans to a new boyfriend? Would anyone object? I think if i had that on the back of my t-shirt in the marathon i might get a good response....or maybe not. So i broke up with him because obviously i am not getting any younger and i am not dating to just date. I actually have an agenda and it is to find a husband. I guess not dating anyone gives me more time to train for the marathon and that is a good thing. I need to workout so I can burn off all of the Valentines Day candy that I have eaten today. But I will start that tomorrow because tonight I actually have a date...with my 2 cute kids! They are better than a lame boyfriend anyday! Happy Valentines Day and Happy Running!

Monday, February 11, 2008

quick! somebody pinch me!

It was Saturday morning, 10:30am. I just finished running 10.12 miles <--- (that's right .12 you best believe I'm accounting for every single inch of that run) and I still had my whole day in front of me. Is this my life?? Am I really doing this? I never would have dreamed I could run 10.12 miles, much less do it on my only morning to sleep in! This past Saturday I felt on top of the world. It may have had something to do with my running pants and some new shoes. Those shoes made all the difference in the world. My shins were killing me in my old shoes and didn't even bother me on Saturday. I cannot believe what a difference they made. You all weren't lying. Thanks for the tip! Kera we missed you... I missed you! I need my buddy back, Kristi and Jen don't let me complain! How's the foot? Keep me posted and let's run this week!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alright, that's it....

No more Crown Burger, or any other bad bad bad food I eat while inbetween stories. No more eating at random hours. No more candy. No more. And, more of weights, pilates, and other good stuff besides running. I have had enough. I am a strong person, who accomplishes my goals, for pete's sake! So, I need to stop justifying the extra treats because I am running a gazillion miles. I am basically just breaking even with all the exercise and bad food. I am saying enough. Anyone with me?

And, I will also ask for some advice. My IT band hurt-hurt-hurts. A lot. And, I don't know how to make it better. Ideas would be great.

Done venting for tonight. Tomorrow is a fresh, new day.... without fast food.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Drum roll please....

Husband randomly picked the winners for the first WRFDJ Running Tunes giveaway! These are some of the songs that keep me going on those long runs.

I decided to pick 3 instead of just one:
ang, katie torriente, and anne.

Congrats! Email your name and address to, and I will send your new tunes on their way. And if you didn't win, don't fret. We will be doing more giveaways in the future.

And here's something that's given me a little extra boost this week: I fit into my skinny jeans:) Happy running.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Yes...i am finally posting

So, I know I am not the greatest "blogger" in the world. The main reason is that I am always super busy. Here is a typical week in the life of TARA...
  • Monday- I really hate Mondays. It seems as if I am always running late on a Monday morning, usually because my kids didn't go to bed early the night before. I seriously have to drag my daughter out of bed. Then it is off to school and work. I usually get off at 5:30 and either have to pick up my kids in Sugarhouse at their dad's or sometimes he drops them off at work. Then its dinner, homework, FHE ( if we are really ambitious), and of course we are now hooked on American Gladiator, and reading, baths, RUNNING, and then bedtime.
  • Tuesday - Same routine during the day, but now add Ice Skating Lessons.
  • Wednesday - Same old thing, and now add basketball practice from 7-8:30.
  • Thursay - Same thing and now add Real Estate Classes from 6 -10pm.
  • Friday - Same thing and add hanging out with Chad & his girls ( or just Chad if we both don't have our kids)
  • Saturday - Basketball games start at 8:00 am and then meet my favorite running group.
  • Sunday - Church and try to play catch up from the week.

I'm really not complaining. I have a pretty good life, but it seems like no matter what, I am always busy. I guess that it is just a normal life. I am very grateful for my life and my experiences that I am blessed to have. The other day I came across a really good lecture. If you have the time I recommend you watch it. It's a pretty simple philosphy.

I promise I will really try to remember to post at least weekly.