Thursday, February 28, 2008

You darn right something was off

I think we all felt a little out of sorts on Saturday. I usually am the slow one but this time I was even slower. I don't know what it was. I kept saying to myself that " oh I'm so tired " or " that snow looks so soft I'm just gonna plop right down into it". Everything was negative. I went to the store and bought "The non-runners marathon training book". Its very helpful. It says the more negative things you say as you run, the harder it will be to run. Which makes sense right? I have tried some of the strategies it says in my weekly runs and it has helped. What a difference being positive makes. I also got the right size for my tight magic pants. I ran in them the other day. They do make a difference. But I am still too scared to run in my neighborhood or at the gym with them on. My husband rather enjoyed them though, He would! When you got it you got it right? I just have a little too much of it.


Jen said...

You MUST wear your magic pants this Saturday! I'm wearing mine, so you won't be alone! I hope you're feeling better:) And, Kristi is planning the run this week-- Shall we say 8:30ish or 9?

Lindsay said...

I am sorry to keep asking you guys all these questions but you all have such great advice!!! I love reading your blog, its very inspiring!! What are these great "magic pants?" I have been running in regular sweat pants and they just arent working for me. Thanks!!