Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Everyone, Please Plow....

We've been hit with storm after storm here along the Wasatch Front. And running in winter is my favorite time of year to train, HOWEVER, my runs have been quite trecherous as of late. I.e., husband and I went for a run Saturday morn and for the first 3ish miles, we were dodging cars because the sidwalks were impossibly uneven with several layers of snow and if you tried to run on them, you were sure to twist your ankles every other trot or so. AND, I think the cities have cut back on snow removal because of the recession, because WOW, there is almost no space along the side of the road between the snow and moving vehicles. So this is my plea. If you have a sidewalk, take a little time, get a workout, and shovel por favor. Then, bundle up and join me for a jog. I'd love the company. Hint, hint WRFDJ.

PS, congrats to Kera-- new beautiful baby boy Asher! She kept me up to date on the blessed event via text messages. I particularly loved the one that read "one push and he was out." Please, let me have a pregnancy like hers. And no, that wasn't a clue. Sorry to disappoint.

How are you guys doing on your training?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New race, new group member, new motivation...

Hello readers (if there are any left),

Well, after trying over and over and over again to get everyone going again so I no longer have to run by myself, I think I have successfully convinced the ladies to train for the 09 SLC Marathon with me. We officially started training this week, and the first group run is Saturday. I hope everyone keeps it up! I get lonely out there by myself!

And, welcome to Ang from Marathon Mommies who is now a member of WRFDJ! She recently moved to Utah and is going to join us in training for the upcoming race.

So, here's to a fresh start! Gooooooooooo team!

P.S. Husband and I did complete the Snow Canyon Half Marathon in November. Race report to come soon.

Happy Running!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Will run for really good Thai Food

******Originally posted from Kera's Blog.

Man, did I need a girl's night out.

We met at Thaifoon downtown, and had an absolute blast. It was so fun seeing the girls again- especially pregnant Kristie. I can't believe we are only 2 weeks apart! We ordered family style, which was great, since I didn't have any money, and sat and talked for hours. We walked around Gateway mall, and then went for hot chocolates at Barnes and Noble. We then continued to disturb everyone with our "girl" talk until they closed. It was awesome. I'm going to be outnumbered at home for next the few years, and it's easy to forget how essential good girl friends are.

I love you guys!

The crew, plus one beached whale in taupe.

I guess two weeks can make a big difference.
(I'm just going to keep telling myself that.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

so I know you'll think I'm crazy....

But this snow storm has really got me itchin' for a good, long run. There's something so magical about the quiet of the snow--running through the crisp air with white sparkling all around me. I love the sound of my running shoes hitting the freshly fallen flakes, and the feeling afterward that if I can run through the winter, I can conquer the world. Tomorrow morning I'm planning 11 big ones along a pretty tough route with some hella-hills. Husband ran it yesterday and said it almost killed him. I, however, am feeling strong. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I ran 10 miles....

On. A. Treadmill. If any of you have done this, you know how incredibly boring it is. I didn't dare run outside in the dark again, so I turned on HGTV (because basically, no matter what is on, I get sucked in like a moth to a flame) and just sucked it up and started running. Well, over an hour later, I had finally made it. That's my longest run for this race thus far.... here's to 11 this weekend. I have some work to do before I am as fancy-schmancy as these guys tho...

And, PS, I had a dream last night that it took me 7 hours and 52 minutes to complete the SLC Marathon next year. I was working out of town and had been drifting in and out of sleep-- I never sleep well in hotels.

In dreamland, by the time I reached the finish line, there wasn't a big crowd to cheer me on, just a few disgruntled volunteers who said "Geesh, it took you long enough. We've been waiting to clean up while we waited FOREVER for the last runner!"

I woke up in a panicked sweat at 2:30am in my lonely hotel room, with no husband there to say "it was just a dream. You're much faster than that, honey."

Please, tell me this isn't a sign of things to come next year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Is what I've felt like trying to run as of late. No energy, feeling like I weigh 80-million lbs, with big "F" for Fattie on my chest. Thoughts, ideas, advice? All is welcome.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stranger Danger

I love running at night. It's always so quiet, peaceful, with the moon shining down and the stillness of the darness. But, I shall not be running at night for quite a while, at least not in deserted parks after my run last night.

Husband and I both had things going on all day and finally decided to go out for our run around 9:30pm. We are at different paces (as I have mentioned before, husband runs at a completely unfair speedy pace he doesn't deserve) so we thought Sugarhouse Park was a pretty safe bet. It's a big loop, so we could run at our own paces, but still run together.

We drove to the park, parked on one side, and started off. I was keeping up with him for almost two laps, then I started getting a side ache and stopped for a minute. When I picked back up, I started noticing dark figures in the grass, people who for reasons I don't wish to know, like lurking in the blackness, a handful of drivers sitting in their cars with the windows rolled down, smoking cigarettes and staring. My mind immediately went to a story my station did recently on Cruising in local parks, including Sugarhouse. If you don't know what that is, ignorance is bliss.

Just as I ran through a narrow part of the path, lined with cars, the street lights went black, leaving me completely vulerable surrounded by creepy strangers and I started to panic. I heard a voice in my head say run-- fast! It's not safe for you here! I searched frantically, and couldn't see husband. I started to sprint. I sprinted up that massive hill, down the other side, and all the way to the car and still couldn't see husband anywhere. I waited by the car for several minutes, debating my next move. I still had one more mile to go, but didn't dare go back to the complete darkness. I started to sprint again, back the other direction, thinking surely I would run into him soon. My heart was pounding, and not from running so hard. I ran back up another huge hill, and finally found him. I grabbed him, with tears streaming down my face. I was worried something had happened to him because it was taking him so long!

So, lesson learned. No more running in dark in deserted areas.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't worry....

I'm still alive, and still running. Tho, not many other members of the group are right now. Everyone is too busy having babies and living out of state, so I have enlisted another running partner: my sweet husband. We are signed up for the Snow Canyon Half Marathon in November, and he, of course, is already beating my time. I hate boys.

Anywho, I've decided I'm going to start blogging again, whether the other girls are or not.

Got some new running shoes and have a really fun run planned for this weekend, our anniversary:) Blog post to come.

How the heck are all of you? If you're even still checking this blog?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Took off my shoes last night and noticed something was different.... yep, that's right, I lost another toenail. No idea where it went. Hope someone doesn't find it somewhere embarrassing. The good news is it didn't hurt one bit. Didn't even feel it.

Runners are so gross.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wasatchin' My Back...

Well, in case you were unsure of the following fact, this last weekend's event proves I am crazy. I ran in a relay race from Logan to Park City, a whopping 180 miles non-stop over two days. But I'm definitely not the only one lacking in sanity-- the Wasatch Back was sold out this year, with 500 teams of 12 members each. However, I'm pretty confident my team was the coolest:)
Hot Assphault-- that's our team name. I got hooked up with them through my sister's next door neighbor, Dave. He and his wife are AMAZING super runners (both have run Boston, and his average marathon time is somewhere around 3:40. Sh-yeah, I know, right?). He had someone on his team drop out about a month before the race and asked me if I would join them. My first reaction was one of fear-- not of the race, but more of slowing them down! I mean, I'm no 7 minute miler. He assured me that his race wasn't in it to win it, more just to have a good time, and I reluctantly said I was in. And I proceeded to freak out just about every day until the race.
However, all freaking out subsided when I attended a team meeting the week before the race and met everyone. Everyone was really cool and laid back. Apparently there is a lot of Hot Ass (phault) to go around because they had so many friends running the race, there were two full teams: Hot Assphault 1 (my team), and Hot Assphault 2. After the meeting, I started to get really excited!
Race week I had every good intention of resting up, preparing mentally and physically, and carefully preparing my race gear. All of these plans flew out the window when night after night, I was forced to stay at work late-- one night until 2:30 am. The night before the race, I finally dosed off around 1:45am, and woke up startled at 4:45am. I gathered my stuff and drove to Dave's. We were set to leave at 5:30.
Our team started arriving and the introductions began:

Dave, super-running insurance company president, father of two, with a wicked sense of humor and an uber competitive streak.

Mark, Dave and Mike's BFF since high school, a reluctant runner with the humor to match Dave's.

Lee, the only other girl, a mother of one who kept me laughing the entire race with her stories and Lee-isms.
Brent, a 59-year-old inspiraton. He's run 84, yes, 84 marathons and had just finished one the weekend before Wasatch Back. We called him Papa. Seriously, amazing man!

Buddy, the son of Brent. Father of 4 who himself has run nearly 20 marathons. Such a nice guy!

Mike, BFF of Mark and Dave also since high school, our trusty driver and organizational master! He gave us treats, fan and sprayed us down, kept us on time, and got out to give us water at every other mile!

And Me, newcomer and completely clueless of the exhaustion/running/awesomeness that was coming!
We hit the road, all abuzz of the race to come. Each team consists of 12 members. The members are divded into two vans of 6 runners. Once Van 1 cycles through each runner, Van 2 takes over, then the process starts over until we have made our way to Park City. Someone is always running-- day/night/heat/cold. It doesn't stop.
Our start time was 8:20am in Logan. Our runner order was as follows: 1-Brent, 2-me, 3-Dave, 4-Lee, 5-Buddy, 6-Mark.
Brent was all business as he headed to the starting line. We all gathered around to cheer as the countdown began. It was so exciting as they took off, starting what would be the craziest relay across a portion of the state I have ever seen!

We hopped in our awesomely decorated van and followed alongside Brent. The vans leap-frog their runners, making sure they are hydrated and doing okay during their runs. I was nervous as we neared the end of Brent's first leg, for I was runner #2 and that meant my first leg was up next.
I stood in the shoot, arm out, waiting to take off the second I felt that orange wrist band slap on. As Brent ran closer, I geared up and then, I was off, on my first stretch of the race: 6.7 miles.

It was around 9:20am, and the weather was quickly heating up. The first few miles were fairly flat, and I was cruising along.

However, an annoying herditary problem would soon set in. I don't sweat. I know most would see this as a benefit, but I have a serious issue with over heating. I knew if I didn't spray down soon I would be in trouble. Just then, a van full of guys came by with their supersoaker and asked if I wanted some refreshment. I hollered "Spray me, baby!" And so they did, every time I saw them throughout the race. Bless them:)

I could see a rather large women dressed as a warrior princess several miles before me, and I knew she was toast. I could totally pass her! I was gaining ground and saw her starting to walk. That's when I went in for the kill. I had conquered the Zena impersonator! I gave a victory cheer as I rounded the corner and saw my team, waiting with water in hand. I breathlessly said "I passed the chubby warrior princess!" They all applauded!

I passed a field where a farmer had written "To cash in on life, you have to make a deposit" on signs along the road. I smiled as I ran... but that smile ran out the second I saw the first big hill of the race, and it was unfortunately all mine. "Here I go!" I thought as I started up the slope.

Up, up, up I went, slowing a bit, but I didn't stop running. I was nearing the top when I saw my team again, ready with the spritzer and water bottle. And then, I started the lovely decline toward the exchange, where Dave would take over from there.

I sprinted toward the shoot and handed off successfully. Hooray! First leg finished!

Each runner successfully completed their first legs, and we were on fire! (hence the hot assphault:). Mark, our last runner, handed off to our Van 2 to take over from there, and we decided to go and get some grub. We had about an hour and a half or so before we would be up to run again. We headed to a local deli and I don't know if it was because I was so tired and hungry, but man, that was the best sandwich I have ever tasted!

My next leg was supposed to be my easiest: 3.1 miles. Whomever makes these classifications certainly doesn't actually run them. The leg had a rather large hill, but I think the part that made it the most difficult was not the hill, but the heat. I was running in the blazing sun and started to get heat exhaustion at the top of the hill, as chills started to set in. I diverted and ran through some random front yard with the sprinklers on, and started sprinting toward the finish line, where Dave again would take over. Wowza, it was a hot one! I don't know how sweet Brent did it running in that heat 8 miles! He is a superhero!

Lee was keeping great time, and had an awesome pace on one of her legs of around 8:30! And Dave and Buddy, well, that's where we were really able to gain some ground. They are so fast, and Dave said after 40 people during his first leg, he stopped counting how many runners he passed.

As our team continued to cycle through, nightfall started to settle in. Our last runner, Mark, bless his heart had to run the most terrible leg with endless hills that just kept coming! He was such a trooper. We headed to the rest station and Buddy, Lee and I went down to the tent to get some grub. Spaghetti from Fazoli's. We told the others we would meet them back at the van and proceeded to eat our nasty noodles, which again, tasted fabulously because of our level of starvation. Little did we know this meal would be the source of much anger lodged in our direction in what would become known as "Spaghetti Gate" in the wee hours of the next morning, but more on that later.

After dinner, we drove to Mike's boss's house to crash. I wanted to cry as I climbed into bed, knowing we only had about an hour and a half before we would be up and running, literally, again. After a mild case of the slap happy giggles, Lee and I dosed off, only to be awoken much too soon so a frantic "the team is on their last runner! We have to go NOW!" And so go now we did.

It was 3:00am, and although the rest of us were half asleep, Brent had his game face on. He started his last leg of the race in pitch blackness, as I tried to wake myself up and shake off the soreness. I was up next.

It was freezing cold when I started running, but that's perfect for me. The full moon was out, and I could hear birds chirping. It was absolutely beautiful as I ran through the little town of Oakleigh in the wee hours of the morning. I picked up my pace and was making pretty good time. I just tried to take in the beauty around me as I trekked through the darkness with my headlamp bobbing in the black. My team rolled up alongside me, and I figured their lack of enthusiasm was credited to the hour, but as soon as I finished my leg and handed off to Dave, I learned the real reason for the silence. Spaghetti Gate.
Apparently Dave didn't realize that the night before we were getting food while he was meeting Mark at the exchange. Lee let it slip that we were eating when she made a slight reference to someone at the "end of the table" during one of her stories, and that was enough for Dave to connect the dots.... dots that led to hot food for us, and PB&J for him for dinner... dots that at 4 in the morning are enough to make anyone agitated... and believe me, his dots were agitated. I missed said agitation because I was running, but once I climbed in the van and we caught up with Dave, the first words out of his mouth were "I'm hungry!" Mike offered to toss him a PB&J, but strangely, all he wanted was spaghetti. Sorry Dave, we'll get you a gift certificate to Fazoli's.:)
We cycled through our team for the last time with Lee, Buddy, and Mark picking up the rear end. I don't remember much of their final legs because my body decided since I was done running, it was time to shut down, and I completely crashed in the van, sleeping through the final three runs. It had had enough of all that non-sleeping all week, and lots o running the past two days. Coma set in.

I woke up as we passed the torch to our Van 2. We were finished with our part, and it was up to them to run the rest. We were two hours ahead of our projected time, and were so proud of our hard work!

Our group drove to a Van 2 member's cabin to crash, shower, and chow before the finish line. Lee and I immediately headed up to the shower (heaven when you haven't done it in two days:), and then slept for a few hours before getting in our fresh (and clean) running gear, and heading to the finish line.

All of Hot Assphault was gathered at the finish line waiting for our last runner to come in.... we could see her coming, and all started to cheer, then as a group, we all crossed the finishline together. 28 hours 18 minutes.

I had the time of my life and can't wait to do it again next year. Go Hot Assphault! I love you guys!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I guess I'm not the only one!

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make it to the Saturday runs girls! I am sad, but a little relieved to find out I'm not the only one with a crazy life right now. Every night has been PACKED with activities and my weekends have followed the same trend. Plus, with my baby still nursing, it's hard for me to go for very long. To be honest, leaving a husband with three kids is difficult as it is. I will be gone half the weekends in July to Myrtle beach too. ( though I fully plan on running beach side. . . .yea!) I am wondering if I am ever going to be able to meet everyone!
I promise I will make it whenever I can. But warning: I will be walking 90% of the time. I am sincerely hoping I am not the only one who will be doing so. I am NOT in shape and my cardio is at an all time LOW!
Anyway, I'm hoping to see you gals soon! And Jen . . .I need help shopping for running gear! I don't know what the crap I'm doing! "Newbie" at this running thing, remember?!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I am not quitting...just taking a break.

So yes i was sleeping on Saturday Morning but what Melissa failed to mention is that I was drugged up on meds. I am just getting over a sinus infection so the mornings are a little snotty for me. And since I haven't perfected the "runners spit method" I thought maybe I shouldn't be out running and spitting up snot quite yet. Also, I have been asked to do some extra work on my Saturdays now, so I am not sure if I can train or not. I am not completely out, it will just be more like if I can make it, I will. Right now, I need to concentrate on my kids and making some extra money so that I can pay off some bills. It kinda sucks only having one income and trying to do everything by yourself. Actually, it really sucks, but that is life right now and hopefully it won't be like that forever.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What a sad day

So today wasn't very fun for me. Tara tells me that she isn't going to run the marathon with me. This is pretty crappy for me since she was my running partner and all. I enjoyed seeing her on Saturdays and pushing each other along. Everyone else was always faster than us. How sad. That's life I guess. Now everyone else isn't showing up either. Maybe when the runs get longer we will have more come to run. Lets get to the bikes today at the park. Everytime I saw the pace car or whatever its called I would get scared because I knew the bikes weren't very far behind. Although I was pretty sure they would see me running on the side, I almost got hit a couple of times,well at least I thought I did. I would jump on the curb to make sure I didn't get hit. Then if that wasn't bad enough I had to run 4 times through a whole crowd of spectators waiting for the cyclists to come in. Although I enjoy races, this wasn't my race and I was quite self conscious the whole time. The last lap I ran through the playground just so I wouldn't have to run through that crowd again. As much as I've enjoyed this running group I know all things have to come to an end sometime. Everyone has different lives and different things come up. I just don't like change. I know it is just a part of life I just don't like it.

Today was hard....

I couldn't get into my groove today on our group (tho it was a very small group) run. I believe there are several factors that threw off my rhythm, one of which was the girl shape-holes in my heart from our very missing members. It was just Melissa, Steph and me.... and a bunch of crazy cyclists, but I'll get into that in a minute.

Here's the non-roll call as of this morning when I got the last cancellation via text from Kera.

Kristi: still too hurt from the accident, bless her heart, to run
Kera: Here is the text I got at 8:24 (meeting time 8:30) verbatim: Hey im so sorry i dont have contacts to run in and mac isn't home from work yet to take owen.
Kimmie: teaching a swimming lesson
Tara: as told from Melissa, she was sleeping and has decided her Saturdays are too busy to run right now.
Angie: funeral and baptism this morning.
Christina: out of town for a work conference in Miami.

That left just three and the aforementioned bikers. Apparently the Salt Lake Cycling club decided they could close down Sugarhouse Park this morning and make our run more treacherous by zooming past us every few minutes during a race. Lame.

I have also been sooooooooooo crazy busy with life and work as of late that I haven't been the best about running on my own this past week. And, Wasatch Back is creeping ever so near, and I'm getting a bit, okay a lot freaked out.

So, bottom line, we missed you guys, and I need you back in my life, so stop being so busy/injured/tired/everything else already!

I've tried to fill the you-shaped holes with treats the past two weeks, and they just can't fill the void. Only you ladies will do.

Sugarhouse Park

Thanks Melissa and Jen for a great morning run (in my case...walk). It was a beautiful day and it was great to see you both. I am excited to meet the rest of the group. Until next time! :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why is this happening to me?

Okay so I was looking at my beautiful feet the other day and found two more toenails preparing to fall off. What the? I just started training, can you imagine how many more will fall off these next 4 or 5 months. Good thing its summer and I get to wear cute sandals! I am going to probably have to get acrylics on my toes now. Sweet!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just the two of us...

Well, this morning's run turned out most unexpectedly. Even though we've gained group members, our run consisted of just 2 ladies this morning; myself, and the lovely Steph.

I sent out the location and time email earlier this week like I usually do, and didn't hear back from anyone saying they weren't coming, so I assumed we'd be a full house. I had forgotten that Melissa had a garage sale, so she wouldn't be there, but everyone else, or so I thought, would be their usual wonderful selves at Liberty Park at 9am.

9am came and went, but I still wasn't worried. We are always late. Always. Someone is always running behind, okay usually almost everyone, so we always get a bit of a late start. Then, around 9:20, I started sending out text messages and making phone calls. Slowly, I started hearing back.... and, it ended up just being Steph and I, which is such a shame because the weather was perfect, it was a beautiful morning, and the park was irresistable.

I felt horrible, because Steph is so new that we are at dramatically different paces and I left her in the dust. So really, we both ran alone in the same park. Me and my thoughts, and the new Coldplay song. Loving it, btw. Great song to run to. Download it pronto.

Hope you'll all be back next week. Please feel free to post your excuses in the comments section.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Our group is growing....

Pleas join me in welcoming our new group members: Angie, Steph, and Christina. These are all amazing women who are sure to add some new flava to our already stellar group. So excited!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am stoked

I am so excited to have our group together and to be doing something on my Saturdays again. I so enjoy having a goal and working towards it with these girls. I have already seen a change in my outlook and attitude since I've been running again. I'm excited that we are going to be doing two races. People used to ask me what my hobbies were. I would say well I like to watch tv or I like to... I don't know. I could never think of any. Now I am proud to say that running is my hobby. I don't really like the whole running part as much as I like the feeling of accomplishment. Well sometimes I like the running part. Anyway I'm grateful to be apart of this group. We are all different but we are all runners.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


There's something wonderous about starting fresh... with a new goal, new group members, new running gear, and new hope. We here at WRFDJ started anew on Saturday, and I am already filled with a sense of anxious anticipation for the many miles that lie ahead... for this time I am an experienced marathoner, and know what to expect. But, we have some newbies in our group, and for them this will be a new journey.

Our group, though incomplete on Saturday (we missed you Kristi, Kimmie, Tara, and Angie!), is already starting to meld. Steph is a welcome ray of sunshine, and Mel and Kera, I'm so excited to be on this road with you once again.

Our new race goals: Top of Utah in September, and the Provo River Half in August. And, I have apparently lost my mind because I kind of agreed to run the Wasatch Back with my next door neighbor's team. They lost a member recently and even though the race is less than a month away, I said I'd be the fill-in. It's a relay race from Logan to Park City, over two days. Yes, you read correctly. I know, crazy.

So, here's to newness-- new experiences, new blisters and sore muscles I'm sure to feel for the first time, and new aspirations!


Whoa! I am so sore today. So glad today is an "off" day as I can barely move.
All for designer jeans....it's worth it, right? ;)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Run.....In About 5 Years

First of all...thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your running group! I was feeling a little nervous because it has been so long since I have run or been active at all...but I was totally put at ease by my new friends. Thank you, thank you! It was so great to meet you Melissa, Kera & McCormick. I am so excited to meet the rest of the group. What a beautiful day it was and looking forward to the challenges ahead.
To Designer Jeans!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

First Run

Saturday morning was my first official run since the marathon. I still have all my toenails and my kneecaps are still attached, so I thought I would give it a try. I went for an hour along Wasatch Blvd. The weather was beautiful and I really enjoyed myself. I am going to start training for the Top of Utah half. I don't know if I'm crazy, since I'm going to be very pregnant, but whatever.

Miss you all girls and please let's plan another lunch or something.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Race for the Cure

Jen, Kimmie, Melissa, and Tara. Love these girls!

It was a beautiful morning for a race, and several things made this race particularly wonderful. First, some of my girlies were there: Kimmie (+boyfriend:), Melissa, and Tara (+cute son:). The weather was pur-fect (crisp and sunny), and we were running for a good cause-- breast cancer research. 19,000 peeps showed up. Wowza, more than the marathon!
But, my favorite part of the race? The team names. Gotta love names like "Save them all, BIG and SMALL," "Harleys for Hooters," and "Team Tatas." Love love loved it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So uh, what now?

This is a rather disgusting confession. Brace yourself for the nausiating details that are sure to follow. Ready?

I am a picker. I pick. Scabs, zits, dry skin, you name it. If it's pickable, I'll pick it. Yes, even on other people.

Some would say this is gross, I say it's handy. But, it's definitely somewhat of an addiction. So, you better believe I've been working on that loose toenail since marathon day.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? As you will recall, several toenails on both feet turned black in Mid-March. Below is a picture of the blackened toenails around that time. Yes, I've been documenting their life and death. Notice the blackness on both feetsies' pointer toes.On my marathon day, April 19th, it seems said black toenails thought mile 16ish would be the perfect time to start lifting and making what would inevitably be a permanent departure from my foot. They caused me much pain and suffering on race day, and turned my socks a lovely shade of crimson (yes, blood). Real nice.

Well, since race day, they've been holding on for dear life by a thread... a thread of skin. And here's where it gets gross... in case it wasn't gross already.

One toenail in particular has been lifting at a rapid pace-- much faster than the others, and so I have concentrated much of my picking on it as of late. Yesterday I noticed I could lift it all the way up, and look down at skin never seen before. It's like a whole new world down there. Here is a photo of such lifting.

Well, this morning I ran race for the cure. Yes, toenails weren't participating, and bothered me the entire time. And so I had a dilemna... do I yank it off? Do I leave it alone and let it continue to look disgusting and cause me pain? I tried my best to just leave it be and let nature take its course, but it's been nagging me all day, while I've been at work.

And so, tonight, just a few minutes ago....

I pulled it off. I don't know if you can tell there's just pink skin left there now... no nail. It didn't hurt, it just gave me sort of a shock to see the gaping hole on my second biggest little piggy, like an empty eye socket just waiting for a glass replacement. Sadly, I don't think they make glass toenails, and so I am hopeful a fresh new nail will soon grow in it's place.

And do I keep the now detached nail, sort of like a missing tooth? If I put it under my pillow tonight will the running fairy come and leave me money?.... or acceptance to the St. George Marathon? (wishful thinking:)

So, calling all toe-nail-less ones who have limped the path less travelled before me. My question is, so uh, what now? I don't know how to get my cute pedicured toe-nail-ful feet back. Assistance needed in the repulsive isle. Yeah, I'm gross. Awesome.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stupid St. George Lotto Meanies....

We didn't get in! I'm convinved it's because we're entirely too hot for them, and they're concerned we'll raise the already toasty temperature on race day to an unbearable level for the other runners. Aw well, congrats to all you who got in. Guess we're not cool enough for school.

So, looking ahead already... ideas for other marathons in the fall? Maybe Top of Utah?

I'm going to sulk for the rest of the night with a cookie-dough shake from Sconecutter. So there, St. George.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Worth Every Mile....

Well, we did it. We finally rewarded ourselves for our many miles, months, missing toenails and protesting muscles. We bought ourselves some sexy designer jeans. Oh yeah, baby.
We met at Paradise Bakery, the place it all began when we first met to talk about running a marathon so many months ago. Then after good conversation and cookies, it was on to the main event: picking our reward.

Take a look at our selections.... and btw, the dressing room attendant wanted to punch us in the face with every picture taken because it was a busy night at the Nordstrom Rack. But, come on, how could we NOT document such a momentous occasion?

I love love love these ladies, and can't wait for our next training schedule to begin. Until then, I will strut my stuff in my new jeans and feel so great about what we accomplished, and the friendships gained.

I must be insane

I can't believe Jen actually talked me into this. Ever since I agreed to register for the St. George Marathon, I have felt nauseated. WHAT was I thinking? I have never been able to run one mile. What makes me think I can run a blasted marathon? So my adventure begins. I hope I can prove to myself that this is a possibility for me. Bad knees and all. First a trip to get the right gear (again I have no idea what I'm even looking for) and then taking that first step onto a treadmill or pavement. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it.
Even if I don't make it all the way to the marathon I'm hoping this will lead to a healthier life. I needed to make this commitment to give me a push into the right direction. (Thanks Jen for being the "Push")
I had no idea that by agreeing to register yesterday on the phone to Jen that I would get on the blog this morning and find my picture and profile as the newbie of WRFDJ. I guess there's no turning back now! Toenails, . . . I send my apologies now.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Here we gooooooooooo!

Yep, we did it. Melissa, Tara and I signed up for the St. George Marathon lotto. And, I think I've convinced my dear friend, Angie, to join us. WRFDJ is already gearing up for another big race, and yet my poor toenails still haven't recovered from the Salt Lake Marathon. They're hating me right now.

So, here's hoping (sort-of nervously) that we get in! I do have to say, I've missed training these past few weeks and really can't wait to get going again.... just didn't think I'd be thinking about another marathon this soon. But ready or not, here we come!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What do you do when your car breaks down and you need a replacement?

You run, literally, to the car rental place and get another one. You should have seen the look on the clerk's face when I jogged in out of breath. She said "we do have a pick-up service, you didn't have to run here!" I replied, "I like to run." She still didn't get it. I'm thinking all of you will get it, though.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Runner's Anonymous

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm addicted to running.

It may seem like a weird thing to become addicted to, but for someone who doesn't drink., doesn't smoke, has never tried drugs, and for pete's sake, doesn't even drink carbonation (except for the occasional root beer or red cream soda, I can thank my father for that addiction), running gives me a high that my body and mind crave. It truly is a form of meditation for me.

Like a true addict, I already know that although it has only been a week or so since the marathon, I am hooked. I need another race plan to get me going again. I have not quite decided what race will be next.... if I'm up for another marathon this year (say, St. George?) or if I should do a half....

Thoughts? Input? And, I'm tossing the invitation open to you.... if you want to join me on my next running quest for designer jeans, let me know! We usually do our long runs on Saturday mornings.

Here's to another amazing race! Can't wait to get training again.... yep, I'm an addict. But at least I'm not in denial.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's been awhile....and I'm awesome.

So I was wondering why I was getting so nauseated the week before the race. Why I threw up the day of. Well of course it was because I was nervous...but it's also because I'm 5 weeks pregnant. And that's why I'm awesome.

So hooray for me! I guess I got exactly what I wanted- a baby for after the marathon. How cute.

Anyway, the race was good. It was so fun to go to the Marathon Mommy party the night before. What amazing women you all are!!!

The morning of I got dropped off by Mac, and got to stretch and listen to Mama's (really bad) Fake Temple Choir. Some guy even recognized me from the news.

I started off with Jen, but lost her within the first mile. But I enjoyed the run by myself and got to see Mac and Owen, Kristie and Kimmie at Sugarhouse. I was chaffing in between my legs (what the freak) and my knees were already killing me, but they were so cute to encourage and support me.

I rubbed some Butt Paste on (thank goodness for diaper bags) and kept going. I saw more family at 2300 east and 4500 south. My knees were really slowing me down, but I still kept going. Then on 6200 South I saw Mac and my family again, and I had to stop from the pain. These two older women were running behind me and stopped to ask if i was ok. Mac got me some MyoMed and they asked if they could have some too. My father-in-law gave me an Ibuprofen and they wanted one too. We finally had to tell them that my family weren't volunteers, and they were so embarrassed. It was funny. They were so nice though and told me they'd be watching out for me.

I kept going and got to see cute Kristie at VanWinkle. I passed the Brazilian band and thought that was pretty dope. My knees started feeling better, but I suddenly was surprised at how tired my quads were. I kept going despite wind, and dust and sweat and pain. When I got to mile 24 I was so tired that I was fighting back tears. I kept passing and then falling behind the same group of cute people. We were in this vicious cycle of passing and then having to stop.

A woman ran by me and asked if we could run each other in. She told me that she was on track for Boston, but got turned around where the 1/2 and full split and went 5 miles off course. She was a veteran and was so nice to encourage me the last bit.

It was amazing to run through the finish line and see the people that support and love me the most. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible for me. (and i guess little embryo).

I also finally started a family blog so check it out if you are cool.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's official

My toenail fell off. I knew it was going to soon.It's been sore for a while. I went to the doc yesterday about my knee and he gave me some advil and told me not to run for 10 days. I thought I would like being told not to run for ten days but I didn't. I thought my knee was worse than he said but today it feels ok. I have been wondering what I'm going to do now that I'm not training. I had kind of a let down after all the excitement on Saturday. So I decided to keep training. I'll start out with just short runs but I think I need to keep going.I need a goal and I like how I felt running the race. So instead of waiting, I'll keep going. I'll be there for the 5k in May.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Race for a Cure

So, I know I just finished a marathon, but I'm already thinking ahead to our next race here at WRFDJ. Who's in for a nice easy 5K for a good cause? Race for a Cure is May 10th at Gateway. I've already created a group for us under Will Run For Designer Jeans. Even if you're not a current team member, now's your chance to catch the running bug, and benefit breast cancer research! Come on! We can do it!

Click here to register.

Monday, April 21, 2008


This is how I feel. Please, make it stop.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am a marathoner

The roar of the crowd, and my best friend by my side as we sprint, hand in hand, toward the finish line with our goal time on the clock. This is what I have been visualizing for months-- what I believed would happen on April 19th, 2008 as I ran in my first marathon in my hometown of Salt Lake City. Recently I have had to make some adjustments to my vision, the biggest of which was the realization that I would have to run it alone; Kristi's injuries from a car accident were too severe for her to run with me. And, that was a hard adjustment to make.

The week before the race: I was taking it easy. I have been nursing a few injuries and didn't want to worsen anything before the race. I was eating a lot of pasta, and planning my day meticulously. I laid out everything, making sure it was all in place. I even went tanning so I would be sure not to blind the other runners-- you know, because I wouldn't want someone to blame a bad time on me because the glare was blocking their view to the finish line. I felt prepared, and confident.

All of that confidence went out the window the day before the race. I kept getting flits of butterflies and couldn't believe I was ready for the journey that was ahead. Seriously? I could run 26.2 miles, by myself? It was so hard for me to believe.

The night before, I went to the Marathon Mommies Pasta Party, and oh, how great it was to finally meet the sweet faces of wisdom and encouragement who leave little "you can do it" posts on our page. I feel like I already know all of you! Thank you for your kindness, it means so much to us here at WRFDJ!

That night I went to sleep, after checking my alarm clock, garmen charger, ipod charger, and cell phone charger approximately 5,000 times, filled with excitement, nerves, and anticipation. And so, here is my marathon day report:

2:02am: "Oh no!!!!!" I thought. "My alarm didn't go off! Didn't I check it?!?! I am going to be late!" I blindiy grabbed in the darkness for my clock, and through my squinted eyes could see it was still too early for me to get up. I checked the alarm, yet again, and tried to go back to sleep.

3:34am: Pretty much a repeat of the 2:02am experience, only with a little "if I keep waking up, I'm not going to be able to keep my energy up tomorrow!" panic thrown in.

4:37am: "Okay, it has got to be time to wake up now!" I thought, and it was pretty close, so I just turned off the alarm I had so carefully checked repeatedly. Didn't even need it. My body and mind were already alert to the fact it was race day. "Here I go," I thought.

I put on my carefully selected running clothes (my WRFDJ shirt, gray and blue running shorts, socks, and shoes) and put my hair in a pony. I braided my bangs so they would be sure not to distract me during my run. I knew I would have plenty of other distractions. I then checked my bag. Garmen, check. Powergel, check. Phone, check. Utility belt, check. Ibuprophen, check. Ipod, check. I was ready.

I made myself my usual runner's breakfast of wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas, and headed out the door. I turned onto Van Winkle and saw police officers in place, preparing to block the road, and a huge smile spread across my face. I would be running along this road in a few short hours, and these officers would be there to guide my way. I rolled down my window and shouted "I'm running the marathon today!!!!" The officer threw me a thumbs up, the first of thousands of thumbs that would be thrown up in my direction, and I am so grateful for every single one.

5:50am: I pulled into Gateway and parked my car. I went to meet Melissa and Tara for our ride on the train to the starting line. They looked so adorable and cheerful! We crammed onto the overcrowded car and started to chat with people around us. It was all abuzz with runners-- some chatting nervously, others praying, some sleeping like the man wearing a fake mustache. Some people think running a marathon is not enough, they have to throw in some sort of gimmick or distinguishment. I will share a story of one such man coming up, and this man I'm convinced is insane.

6:45am: We arrived at the starting line. A rush of excitement filled me as I heard the gospel choir, saw the mile long port-a-pottie lines, and the thousands of other runners just like me, and suddenly I was in awe. How could it be there were so many people who had been through the sacrifice, pain, and dedication that I had all to bring them to this very moment where they were so close to accomplishing a life-long goal? I was so humbled by the human spirit. We are so strong and driven!

6:59am: I heard Sky2, our station's helicopter, fly overhead and knew we were close. Suddenly the countdown began, and everyone was yelling, and then BOOM, the crackle of the gunshot, and we were moving. Kera and I started out together, running down toward Foothill, and around the corner, as Tara and Melissa fell behind. We were smiling, and so happy to be in this together! It was just as we were curving onto Foothill I first noticed the aforementioned crazy man with the gimmick to top all gimmicks: he was running barefoot. And he had a full marathon bib on. The man was going to run all 26.2, on asphalt, with no freaking shoes on. WHAT?!?!?! Kera and I shook our heads in disbelief.

I was trying very hard to pace myself, to go slow and resist the urge to keep up with the speedie-gonzales' as I call them. I had a long way to go, and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid "hitting the wall" somewhere along my course. And when I rounded the corner to 21st south and started going downhill, I was feeling and doing great!

Sugarhouse Park was in my sight, and I was so excited-- Kristi would be there waiting for me. I then ran into Jared, my friend from KUTV who had done some of his training with WRFDJ, and he was a welcomed running buddie! As we ran toward the park, I saw my sweet girl, Kristi, with a giant pink poster, screaming my name and jumping up and down. Next to her, was Kimmie, who I was so surprised to see, and I suddening started to well up with tears. These two girls had put in just as much time and dedication to this goal as I had, and because of injuries weren't able to run. But, as hard as it was for them, they had come to cheer me and the rest of our group on, and I was suddenly even more grateful for their friendship.

After a few quick hugs, I was off again, running through the park, and that's when I ran into a Marathon Mommy-- Annie Bananie! She was doing so great! We chatted for a minute and then she left me in the dust. I love those ladies! Way to go!

On the way out of the park, Kristi and Kimmie cheered me on again, and gave me a boost that would carry me until I saw them again.

Jared and I headed up 23rd east, and watched the lucky half marathoners head in the other direction. And then, slowly, he started to inch ahead of me. And I knew, I was once again on my own. I stopped my music for a moment, and was suddenly consumed by what I heard around me: the sounds of feet hitting the pavement, cowbells from patrons, claps and cheers from complete strangers-- and they were cheering for me! I pulled off my headphones, and everyone I passed was looking directly at me, saying "You are awesome! Way to go! You're doing great! I'm so proud of you! You can DO IT!" I am tearing up as I am typing, because I was so overwhelmed by their kindness and encouragement. They don't know me from Eve, but there they were, all over the course, cheering me on as if I were their sister/daughter/mother/friend.

I started to notice the signs, posted all over and carried by fans. There was a giant sign posted on a garage that read "Spandex is Happiness," one someone held that said "Go (insert your name here)!" And, one that said "You can and you WILL!" There was a mariachi band, a family who had set up a table with treats for runners, and a boom box with YMCA blaring for all of us to dance along to. I will never forget these kind souls who were there along the course where my family and friends weren't, for they really were happy for me, and I thanked each one of them I could as I passed.

I was on Keller Ave when a nice man ran up from behind me and said "You're at the front of the pack, aren't you?" "Huh?" was my response. "You have other friends with the same T-shirt on, and they all said you were up here so I've been looking for you, and here you are! Way to go!" So sweet. I also had a girl say "Are you Jen?!?!? I read your blog all the time! I love you guys!" What a nice surprise from a reader-- whose name is also Jen. Thanks for reading and for the support!

It was on 23rd east when I first noticed what would turn into the biggest problem of my day-- the wind. It picked up around mile 8, and I mean it picked up. The headwind was against us, and I felt as though I were running through water. I tried to fight through it, and just when I thought I was gaining some ground, a dust devil came swirling past me, blowing dirt into my eyes. I turned my head, and saw an older gentleman to my right, breaking down and starting to walk. He said "F*^$ing wind! It's ruining my race!!" And, that's when I realized this was a huge problem.

The wind was against me for nearly half the race, and I exuded so much energy pushing against it, I knew it was going to affect me in the end. But despite the wind, as I hit the half way mark, I was right on target to meet my goal time: I crossed 13.1 at 2 hours 4 minutes. I was so excited! And then, around mile 16 or so, I felt something most unexpected... a sharp digging pain in my foot, and knew I was in trouble.

You know those black toenails I have? Well it seems three of them decided to make their long awaited departure during the race. But rather than coming all the way off, they just lifted, and were hanging by a thread, and pushing back into my toes, causing a jabbing pain. I could feel the blood seeping through my socks, and a couple of miles later, two nails on my other foot were feeling left out and joined the going away party. I ran the rest of the race this way.

On Van Winkle, several things lifted my spirits. The row of kids with outstretched arms wanting to give me a high five. The two guys who ran up along side me and said "You sound like you're ready to play marbles!" It was my little tube of Ibuprophen in my utility belt jingling. I hadn't noticed it making all that noise! The Latin band complete with dancers and a drummer. And, another appearance from my Kristi, who ran along side me, and gave me another boost of encouragement. I love this girl.

As I reached 45th south, I knew it was just a couple of blocks to 5th East and I would have another moral boost. That's where my family would be waiting. I could see the corner in the distance, and saw my dad chasing my nephew, Noah. I suddenly started to run a little faster. I turned the corner, and there they were-- my own little cheering section. I yelled for them, and then I heard my aunt say "There's our Jen!" Then my nephews and cousins sprung into action, running toward me, giving me hugs and hi-fives, and chanting "Go Jen! Go Jen! Go Jen!" My little Noah didn't want to let go of my hand as I blew a kiss goodbye. They ran along side me and chanted their cheer as I headed toward Fitts Park, and my eyes full of tears again. I loved my little cheerleaders. I later learned they had been practicing for my arrival.

I passed the park, and was a bit behind schedule but still in pretty good shape. 5th East seemed to go forever. Just before Liberty Park, I could see the pink sign again and knew it was Kristi. She had travelled to yet another location to cheer me on. She said "Jen, you're so close! You're almost there! I wish I was running with you!" And, I wished for that too. It's so hard to do it by yourself. Jon and Phil were there too. They all gave me hugs, wished me luck and said they would see me at the finish line. And, I raced onto Liberty Park. And that's where I hit the wall.

I've never hit the wall before. In all my days of training, I've never had a moment where I thought I couldn't go on, but with 3 miles left, my body started to shut down. My hamstrings started to cramp and lock, my stomach felt as though a giant was grabbing and twising it like a wash cloth, and my feet-- oh, I could see the dark blood under my shoes. I could see the time starting to slip away. I looked around, and saw other running roadkill-- people who like me, didn't know what had hit them and that's when something hit me, and this time it wasn't a wall, it was my vision-- with me and Kristi running together, and suddenly I didn't feel like I was alone at all. I imagined her saying "Jen, we can do this-- we're almost there," and I felt like she was with me. I mustered up everything I had and started to run again.

Those last three miles were truly some of the most trying moments of my life. I wanted to burst into tears, and I had to run and walk off and on for the rest of the race, but I wasn't giving up. I had come too far.

I could see Gateway before me, and I started to cramp, and it was then when an angel appeared. I thought maybe I was hallucinating, but a man, who looked like he could have run a thousand marathons came running toward me. He had already completed the race and was coming to cheer me on. He grabbed my hand and with a huge smile said "What's your name?" "Jen," I breathlessly said. "Is this your first marathon?" he asked. "Yes, it is," I said. And then he did something I will never forget. He put his arm around me in my darkest moment, said "That is amazing! I am so proud of you! You are almost there, and you CAN do this! " He guided me around the corner and said, "two more blocks-- run for it!" And so, I did.

I ran down the center of Gateway saying out loud "two more blocks, two more blocks!" I turned to the runners next to me and yelled "We're almost there! Way to go!" As soon as I came into view, my friends and family started screaming for me, and I threw my hands up in victory! I gave them high-fives, and started to sprint toward the finish line. In my head I could hear Kristi saying, "finish strong,' and so I ran for my life. And, I crossed the finish line.

Immediately I was supported by a sweet girl who asked, "are you okay?" I wasn't. I felt as though I might pass out. She said "oh dear, keep walking, are you going to barf?" It was possible, and so she walked me over to get my medal, and then held me up until I was okay to stand. She too was genuinely happy for me, and gave me a hug.

I am proud to say I finished before the man wearing no shoes, but I did not have the time I had visualized of 4 hours. It's okay though, I am proud I was able to push through my pain, and complete this goal. And Kristi, just tell me when and where, and we will run a marathon together. My vision won't change. This is something we have to do together someday.

And to all of you wonderful patrons who cheered me on as if I were family, all the volunteers who, God bless you, gave me water and gatorade, and to my own family and friends, who flooded with me text messages, emails, phone calls, and race day support, you will never know how much your love and kindness means to me. I am truly amazed by how powerful something like running a marathon can be. Thank you.

Today, I feel as though I've been in the ring with a sumo wrestler, and I can't wear anything but flip flops, but I am a new woman. I am a marathoner.