Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today was hard....

I couldn't get into my groove today on our group (tho it was a very small group) run. I believe there are several factors that threw off my rhythm, one of which was the girl shape-holes in my heart from our very missing members. It was just Melissa, Steph and me.... and a bunch of crazy cyclists, but I'll get into that in a minute.

Here's the non-roll call as of this morning when I got the last cancellation via text from Kera.

Kristi: still too hurt from the accident, bless her heart, to run
Kera: Here is the text I got at 8:24 (meeting time 8:30) verbatim: Hey im so sorry i dont have contacts to run in and mac isn't home from work yet to take owen.
Kimmie: teaching a swimming lesson
Tara: as told from Melissa, she was sleeping and has decided her Saturdays are too busy to run right now.
Angie: funeral and baptism this morning.
Christina: out of town for a work conference in Miami.

That left just three and the aforementioned bikers. Apparently the Salt Lake Cycling club decided they could close down Sugarhouse Park this morning and make our run more treacherous by zooming past us every few minutes during a race. Lame.

I have also been sooooooooooo crazy busy with life and work as of late that I haven't been the best about running on my own this past week. And, Wasatch Back is creeping ever so near, and I'm getting a bit, okay a lot freaked out.

So, bottom line, we missed you guys, and I need you back in my life, so stop being so busy/injured/tired/everything else already!

I've tried to fill the you-shaped holes with treats the past two weeks, and they just can't fill the void. Only you ladies will do.

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