Saturday, June 7, 2008

What a sad day

So today wasn't very fun for me. Tara tells me that she isn't going to run the marathon with me. This is pretty crappy for me since she was my running partner and all. I enjoyed seeing her on Saturdays and pushing each other along. Everyone else was always faster than us. How sad. That's life I guess. Now everyone else isn't showing up either. Maybe when the runs get longer we will have more come to run. Lets get to the bikes today at the park. Everytime I saw the pace car or whatever its called I would get scared because I knew the bikes weren't very far behind. Although I was pretty sure they would see me running on the side, I almost got hit a couple of times,well at least I thought I did. I would jump on the curb to make sure I didn't get hit. Then if that wasn't bad enough I had to run 4 times through a whole crowd of spectators waiting for the cyclists to come in. Although I enjoy races, this wasn't my race and I was quite self conscious the whole time. The last lap I ran through the playground just so I wouldn't have to run through that crowd again. As much as I've enjoyed this running group I know all things have to come to an end sometime. Everyone has different lives and different things come up. I just don't like change. I know it is just a part of life I just don't like it.

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Jen said...

Not all things change! I'm still going! We can still do it together, and hopefully everyone else will start coming again too!