Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dedication Run

The Marathon Mommies, our blogging/running buddies, had one fabulous idea for our group run this Saturday-- to dedicate our miles to President Hinckley, after his recent passing. His funeral is Saturday. We here at WRFDJ are scheduled for 7 big ones, and I will be running each one thinking about this great man and how much he impacted my life. If you out there want to do the same, go to the Marathon Mommies blog and sign on up! Here's to Hinck. He will surely be missed.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I am not a naked person...

Don't get me wrong, I am okay with nakedness in two situations: babies, and the other, well I'm married, so I'll let you jump to conclusions. I am not, however, someone who is okay with public nakedness. Even as a professional dancer, I did not embrace the idea of nudity. The other girls on my team would walk around the dressing room, in their birthday suits, showering together, like it was no big deal. Me and one other dancer would not. We did not embrace the nakedness. We like our bodies clothed. It's not that I am self conscience, I am comfortable with my body, and always have been. I had to wear hot pants in front of 20,000 people. But there's the key-- I was "wearing" those hot pants.

Where am I going with all this naked talk? The gym. That's where I'm going. A lot lately, in fact, as part of my training. And to my chagrin, every time I go into the dressing room, without fail, there is a woman, usually older, walking around in the buff, as if they were simply walking to the mailbox, or through the grocery store checkout. And speaking of checking out, I have this uncomfortable feeling of eye-avoidence, because I feel if I even look as said naked woman, who very well could be my mother, they will think I am doing just that-- checking them out.

The other night takes the "birthday suit" cake, if you will. I was taking off my running shoes and packing up my stuff to leave when a woman, without clothes, said "Those pants are darling! Where did you get them?" "Uh, Sports Authority," I replied. She then preceeded to go off about she had been looking for a pair just like them, but could never find any she liked, yada, yada, yada, all while her "girls" were staring directly at me, and the cha-cha-chatch was fully exposed. Then she introduced herself, and shook, yes, shook my hand. You can guess what started to jiggle.

Why do people think this is okay? I am not your sister/mother/daughter/friend. I do not know you, nor do I share your apparent comfort with cold drafts and goosebumps. Although I definetly got to know her very well, if ya know what I mean, in a matter of minutes. Let's all make the world a better place and use a towel. Wrap, wrap, that's all it takes. The gym even provides them for you. Please and thank you.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Spirit of the Marathon...

That's what it was called, Kera. And wow, it did not disappoint! We decided we would meet for some food before the movie, and where else would we go before a movie based on eternal health and super athletes?-- Crown Burger of course! We figure, we run a gazillion miles every week, a little celulite won't hurt, right? Bad, bad Jen! Must stop this line of thinking! But apparently we aren't the only running group who think burgers and fries make you a marthoner. A giant running group, Local Motion, was there too. Great minds think alike.

We were like giddy school girls as we cashed in our printed tickets and found our seats. Of course, I had to document the occasion, which I'm sure annoyed the hardcore runners all around, but o-well. We'll have a cute blog and you won't. So there.

The movie started and within seconds I had chills-- the opening quote: "I find it's the challenges in life that sometimes define us." And I know this challenge of training will define me to a degree.

I connected most with Lori, the 26-year-old running for the first time. And oh how I wanted the cute Gazelle (that's what I call the superhumans from Africa who run for a living) to WIN! I was saying not so quietly "GOOOOOOOOOOOO! FASTER!!!!!!!"

And, a little piece of me died when that man got the heartbreaking news from his doctor that he had to stop training. I am sooooo scared something like that will happen to me!

The movie inspired me, and mildly freaked me out, but I am pumped for tomorrow! And, because I am feeling so inspired, I thought I would share some inspiration. How about a little contest, eh? Post a comment, and I'll draw a winner for a CD with my favorite running tunes. Don't be shy, you don't have to be a member of WRFDJ. Happy running!

a high point...

Eleven miles... in a row... and we're still alive to tell the tale. That's what we completed last Saturday, and wow, was it an accomplishment!

We had a bright and sunny Saturday morning to make our run cheerful! It was a bit chilly, but we started walking and our girltalk kicked into high gear. Oh, how I love these girls. There's something about training with my best girls that makes talking about the most personal topics move the clock along. But we couldn't talk for long-- once we started really running, we plugged in our ear phones and away we went. Lap one, lap two, quick water break, lap three, lap four, water break. It was at this point our group began to dwindle. Tara was a sickie and decided to cut out a little early. Her cute sister joined us for the day and kept on trucking. We choked down some GU, and started back up again. It was at this point that it took a little coaxing to convince the girls that we needed to run all 115 minutes, but grumpily Kera and Kimmie complied, though I am pretty sure I saw a rolled eye or two trotting behind Kristi and me.

Kristi and I were going strong-- not even stopping to walk. We would just tell ourselves, ,if we can just make it up the big hill, then we can see the beautiful mountains, sunshine, and jog down to recover before we had to do it again!

Another two laps passed, and we were feeling great! But after our last not-so-quick-water break, something bad happened. Our muscles must have thought "hey, this is nice! We're done! Time to rest!" But, no, we started again, and my, how they protested! It was on our last lap Kristi and I finally gave in and walked for a minute, and which point I'm pretty sure Kera and Kimmie started cheering from our rear. Yes Kera, we're human. It was a rough last lap, but, now that you're done, don't you feel fabulous, girls? Tomorrow's run will be a breeze-- 6 miles? psh-yeah-- we could run that in our sleep. Please. Maybe we should come up with more of a challenge. What do ya say?

What was the name of it again?

I still don't know the name of the movie we went to see last night, but I'm so glad we did.

Couple of things to point out:

1. Even though I had been planning this night with the girls to see an inspirational marathon movie for weeks, my husband flew unexpectedly to the East Coast for business leaving me stranded without a babysitter.
2. The entire day was spent looking at disgusting houses that landlords actually thought were inhabitable trying to figure out where we are moving next week.
Bottom line: I'm exhausted.
3. I have been wearing the same pajama pants for the past 3 days.
4. I finally at the last minute resorted a "guy" (close friend) to babysit Owen last night who refused to change dirty diapers. What a great mom I am.

Anyway, I missed dinner with the girls and raced my butt down to theatre just in time. I'm so glad I was able to see it. And of course classic "black person syndrome" took over- I was talking out loud to the people on screen the entire time. It was so amazing to see different people at different skill levels preparing for the Chicago marathon. It hit even closer to home since Chicago is pretty much my hometown. I got so incredibly excited for the race this year- and if I survive, I'm going to do Chicago next for sure. We're planning on having another baby in June and it will be perfect to prepare for October. (Or, it may not.)

Anyway, I've got to go prepare a lesson for Relief Society and a talk for Sacrament meeting this Sunday. Hooray. My talk is going to be about overcoming adversity.
I'm going to use a quote from the movie- "Looking back, it's the challenges in life that define you." Tell me about it.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Pics from Run #4...Finally!

I'm so proud of myself...I finally figured out how to upload pics to my computer! Yeah! Here are pics from Run #3. On our way to lunch after the run, Kera went crazy with the crosswalk signs. It was a fun moment to remember! Hilarious!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Toenails? Who needs em....

Saturday's run was one of the toughest, yet most fulfilling things I've ever done in my life! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this death defying marathon adventure! I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure I'd make it those last two lap around Sugarhouse park. My body was telling me no and Jen was telling me yes ;) And let me tell you, thanks to the encouragement of Kristi and the "you have no choice, rar!" attitude of Jen... I did it (very slowly, but that's besides the point).

Kera and I figured out the last 2 laps that we should never be left alone together... that can only lead to our psychological downfall, but we did our best to keep positive and we finished all 11 miles! ahhhh! 11 miles. I cannot even begin to tell you what a huge deal that is for me. I've never run so far and had such a great time doing it. The feeling is indescribable. If this is even a glimpse of how I might feel when I finish that grueling 26.2 miles.... bring it on! It's so worth it, even though when I got up this morning my muscles felt as if they had solidified over night and one of my toenails has turned black and I'm sure is about to fall off. I don't need toenails, I ran 11 miles!!!! But I may need new shoes, what do you think?

Thanks girls, especially Jen and Kera for making me hang in there!

P.S. gangsta?? lol. how'd i end up the gangsta?

One more thing...

I would just like to make a little comment on my soreness. What the crap! It's really not that bad except for the fact that I couldn't fall asleep last night from a case of restless "body" syndrome! I really couldn't lie still. I felt like my body was vibrating or something. I thought if I went and laid on the couch it would get better. No. Luckily I could spoon with McSean or otherwise I probably would have jumped off the balcony.

Okay, that's it.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

We started off running. It was cold, and since I hadn't gotten my new shoes yet, I knew I was in for it. 115 minutes. Holy crap. We were going to be running for awhile. Like AWHILE. We settled into our first mile, and I was enjoying running without my music.

We were having interesting conversation, and I was actually feeling good. Lap 1, lap 2, water break. Lap 3, lap 4, water break and some goo. Lap 5, lap 6, um...throw up break. Not really, but after a week of the flu, I didn't think I had even this much in me. We had already gone 90 minutes, lost 2 girls, and were about to lose two more. (myself included)

I was able to keep up with Jen and Kristie for the first 5 laps, but I was really starting to fall back. The sucky thing was, it wasn't because I was mentally hurting- cardio wise I felt fine too. It was my freaking shoes. I couldn't feel any of my toes, and I was starting to get blisters. Now pay attention, those of you who are reading this with no distance running experience. "GET FITTED FOR SHOES!!!" I can't tell you how important it is. The pain started in my toes traveled through my ankles, up to my knees and into my hips, and I couldn't do anything about it.

For some reason my goo hadn't kicked in yet, and I really didn't think it was going to be possible for me to finish the last 2 laps. Of course Jen and Kristie pushed reluctant Kimmy and me to finish with some dignity. As we were trailing them (by about half a lap), we realized mid-complaint that we probably shouldn't be left alone together. We were both whining the whole time. It was hilarious. We obviously are the "glass is half empty" part of the group. Regardless, we saw how it was affecting us, pulled it together and ran "most" of the way to the finish line. Even though I was done, I was more pissed then happy because Jen and Kristie pretty much finished, got in their cars, and were home by the time we got there.

It is so funny though, after an AWESOME accomplishment such as this, one has the desire to wear a sign around their neck proclaiming to the world: "I JUST RAN 11 MILES!!!" (I'd like to also write in fine print..."I bet you can't.")

The weird thing is, really- anyone can do this. I obviously have the worst feet in the world, I have awful form, I'm fat, and have no time or money. But something in me is making this all possible. The drive of the human spirit is unmatched. The capabilities of the human body are staggering. In less than 3 months, I am going to be able to check off a big TO DO on my life list. That's pretty amazing. Even a pessimist like me can see we're really onto something.

The Satisfaction of Soarness?

I got out of bed this morning and had forgotten about the 11 miles yesterday and hurried to the restroom as normal, however; my legs did not cooperate. I soon remembered the 2 hour run yesterday and the all too common feeling of the day after the long run. Ohhhh, pain! Even though I'm still soar and probably will be tomorrow as well, there is some kind of weird satisfaction I have knowing what my legs did for me yesterday. 11 miles. Girls, that is pretty dang good. Almost 1/2 way to our goal!!! We are well on our way.

It was a nice day for running yesterday. I love running at Sugarhouse. It is a nice lap and beautiful scenery even though the hills killed me the last laps. A little cooler than last week, but the last two laps the sun came up on us. I don't know if the rest of you noticed the beautiful mountains to the west as the sun was shining on them. Jen and I would run up that hard hill and then it was always such a joy when we got to the top knowing that the rest of the lap was the easy part, and another reward was how pretty the mountains looked shining with the snow on them.

I am really proud of everyone. I know I was always really scared and apprehensive before I would run my long runs, asking myself, "Can I really run that long or that far?" or "I've never done it, I don't think I can." All those thoughts running through my mind, and then when it's done, it feels like "Wow, I just did that." I hope you are all realizing you can do it! And surprisingly it is hard, of course, it's definitely not easy or everyone would finish a marathon. But, you know what, isn't it easier than you thought? I think finishing our run was a huge accomplishment yesterday and I hope everyone feels the satisfaction of their soar legs today! Happy Sunday!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who goes to the gym on a Saturday night?

That's right: me. I have now joined the group of gym-rejects who find solice in a near-empty cardio floor, who embrace the sound of only a few pairs of feet hitting the usually crowded rows of treadmills, and who accept they have no social engagements-- just a date with spandex and tennis shoes-- on a Saturday evening. Yes, that is where I spent 2 hours on one of my only nights off: at The Sports Mall running my date night away.

Why, you ask, would I run on a Saturday night when my Saturday mornings are usually spent running with my dear friends, supporting each other, cheering each other on, and then socializing about our pain and suffering over brunch? Because there was no social-suffering for me yesterday-- unless you count the many complaints my poor photographer, Dan, had to listen to repeatedly about missing said group run. I had to go into work early to cover a funeral (you can watch the tragic story here), therefore, missing the blessed group run, and forcing me to spend my evening after work on a lonely treadmill surrounded by workout misfits. And what a sight we were.

To my left, there was a woman wearing glasses that put magnifying glasses to shame, a workout headband from my 80's Get in Shape Girl outfit with wristbands to match, and a tennis skirt, who randomly blurted out verses of unrecognizable songs from her headphones.

To my right, a man who looked and smelled as though he hadn't left his recliner in a year, and bless his heart, who couldn't figure out the controls on the treadmill. I assisted, of course.

Directly behind me was a sweet woman from Afghanistan who was walking the entire time I ran and said "wow, you are an athlete!" in the locker room. Just the encouragement I needed.

A few treadmills down, an escaped Miss America contestant, complete with pageant hair and red lips, walked briskly for about 5 minutes, appeared winded, and retreated to her water bottle and towel.

And over in the weight room section, there was a man who brought several torn-out magazine pages with what appeared to be a basic "how-to-exercise" manual he would refer to after every move.

But run away I did (not literally, though that might have been the sane thing to do). 9 miles, in fact: 91 minutes. I hour-and-freaking-half-in-a-row. And the foot? Felt pretty good, actually. I even felt when I finished as though, if I had to, I could have kept on truckin'. And wow, did I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment! I am woman-- see me run!

After my run, I gave myself a mega-stretch, and then somehow had the energy to do 50 sit-ups and 25 pushups.

And that is my challenge to you ladies: after every run, do at least 50 sit-ups and 25 push-ups. And for all of you who do, I'll have a special surprise for you at the next group run I am in charge of planning. Here's to tighter abs and no relief society arms!

It was lonely, and I missed my girlies, but if I can make it through gym-reject night, I can make it through 26.2!

Cannot WAIT till next Saturday when we can run together-- and Kera, you betta believe we're running all 115, rain, snow, wind, or sun. In Arnold style: I'll be back:)

Why am I gaining weight?

Maybe because I made cookie dough and ate half of it...yes Kristie we aren't always strong. It's all good though.

So!!! Our Sugarhouse run was such a success!!! I'm sorry Jen had to miss it, but the four us showed up and had not only a great run, but a picturesque setting and great weather. I'm so excited to run with Kimmie- you are so dope. I went right after to Salt Lake Running Company and apparently I am pronating tons. I tried on a pair of Saucony's a full size larger than what I'm currently wearing and 40 dollar inserts. I CAN'T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE! The people there were so nice and knowledgeable and I can't wait to go for my next run. (Of course I have to wait for pay day since the total is going to be close to $200 for new gear.) I did get some wool socks that I'm excited about.

That's all from me today. My hip is pretty sore, and my poor toenail is about to fall off, but it makes me feel cool secretly.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My foot hurts...

I don't know why, or what exactly hurts, but something in my left foot is making my runs most uncomfortable. It started on Christmas day during my run through the snow, and although I have switched the inserts in my shoes, it hasn't gone away. I've tried taking a couple of days off, but I fear if I take too much time off, I'll be way behind. It only hurts when I run, right in my arch. I am getting really sick of it-- it's putting quite a cramp in my style.

This is more of a vent than anything. It's not unbearable, so I am continuing to run through it, but if any of you have any ideas on how to make the hurting stop, I am willing to try it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moment of Weakness & Treadmill Run

I was running on the treadmill this morning and I knew I really needed to get in a good run. I needed to because 1)we didn't run on Saturday & I only ran 30 minutes instead of 60 & 2) last night when I was at the grocery store I had a bad moment of weakness. I can't believe I'm actually going to admit this but, I ended up buying a maple-glazed donut & a large Snickers ice cream bar. Ahh! How bad am I! So pathetic! I'm driving home eating a donut & then the Snickers bar. I couldn't believe what I was doing. Usually I would fall for one or the other, but both, that's just sick! Please, tell me you girls have moments of weakness too, right? I felt so gross afterwards.

Anyway, so I knew from eating all those calories right before going to bed was not good and I needed to work them off!! I could only go for 45 minutes on the treadmill so I wanted to really push myself. Well, it was really hard b/c I didn't have water & I felt weak. But, I was really okay, just like any normal run besides the no water. The funny thing about it was I think everyone around me thought I was gong to pass out.You know how I turn cherry red from working out & if I exert myself a lot, it gets even redder. So, I know that I was extremely red, sweating a lot and probably breathing loud. The guy beside me kept on looking over very concerned and when I got off I swear everyone was watching me hobble out of the cardio room. I am probably exaggerating but you know those moments when it feels like everyone is watching you, that's how I felt.

I guess those are some of the many struggles along the way to taking on this marathon. I have eaten a lot better today so hopefully I don't blow it tonight!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

All we need is toto and some flying monkies...

I'm having flashbacks of tornados swirling through my town in Iowa today-- the weather is horendous! I was willing to run through it, but I was out voted by the other ladies, so no group run today. Let's try for Tuesday night instead and pray for sunshine!

But in the meantime, here's some added motivation....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Food for thought...

Hey ladies,

Found this great article in Runner's World Magazine. Here are some food ideas to get us into those size 27's (Kera:)

Carbs to Choose Often:

Fruits (about 60 calories per serving)
Apple, orange, pear, nectarine: 1 small (tennis ball size)
Banana: 1 small (5 inch)
Peach, plum: 1 medium (fist size)
Grapefruit: 1/2 whole fruit
Canteloupe: 1 cup
Berries: 1 cup
Fresh pineapple: 3/4 cup
Canned fruit (in its own juice): 1/2 cup Low-Starch

Vegetables (about 25 calories per serving)
Carrots, celery, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, leeks, onions, green beans: 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked
Green pepper: 1 whole
Asparagus: 7 spears cooked or 14 spears raw
Lettuce/raw greens: 1 cup 100-percent vegetable juice: 1/3 cup

Carbs to Choose with Caution (watch those portions!)

High-Starch Vegetables (about 80 calories per serving)
Beans (lima, navy, pinto): 1/3 cup
Corn: 1/2 cup
Peas/lentils: 1/2 cup
Baked white or sweet potato with skin: 1 small (tennis ball size)
Pasta/Rice (about 80 calories per serving)
Couscous (cooked): 1/3 cup
Brown or white rice (cooked): 1/3 cup
Noodles/pasta (cooked): 1/2 cup
Bulgur (cooked): 1/2 cup
Breads/Cereal/Crackers (about 80 calories per serving)
Tortilla (white or wheat): 1100-percent whole-wheat bread: 1 slice
Mini-bagel: 1
English muffin: 1/2
Pretzels: 3/4 ounce or 8 sourdough nuggets
Popcorn (air popped): 3 cups
Saltine crackers: 6
Rice cakes (all varieties, large): 2
High-fiber cereals: 3/4 cup
Oatmeal: 2/3 cup cooked or 1 instant packet

Selecting Protein

While protein's primary role is maintaining muscle integrity, it also satisfies hunger. Protein provides a greater feeling of fullness, ounce for ounce, than an equivalent amount of carbohydrate. The effect: You're content with fewer calories. That's why 25 percent of your calories should come from protein.

When you choose proteins, lean is always best. Fat adds flavor to protein--but also calories. So be sure to limit the number of calories in the protein sources you choose. A good rule of thumb: The fattier the protein, the smaller the serving.

Protein Picks

Very lean (about 35 calories per serving)
Chicken or turkey breast (skinless): 1 ounce
Fish fillet (all whitefish): 1 ounce
Canned, water-packed tuna: 1 ounce
Shellfish: 1 ounceEgg whites: 2 large
Egg substitute: 1/4 cup
Lean (about 55 calories per serving) Chicken or turkey (skinless dark meat): 1 ounce
Salmon, swordfish, herring, trout, bluefish: 1 ounce
Lean beef (flank steak, top round, ground sirloin): 1 ounce
Veal or lamb (roast or lean chop): 1 ouncePork (tenderloin): 1 ounce
Canadian bacon: 1 ounce
Low-fat hot dogs: 1
Low-fat luncheon meats: 1 ounce

Dairy Products (about 90 calories per serving)

Fat-free or 1-percent-fat cottage cheese (calcium fortified): 1 cup
Low-fat, sugar-free yogurt: 3/4 cup
Fat-free, sugar-free yogurt: 1 cup
Low-fat cheese (all types): 2 ounces

I am gonna kick butt this Saturday!

Ok, well I didn't really do well last Saturday. I am going to totally make up for it on this Saturday's run. I have been trying really hard this week and I am gonna rock on Saturday. I guess I didn't know what to expect last week. Especially all of those hills! (Thanks Jen!) :) I was super sore on Sunday. ( Try to say that 10 times fast) I hope it will just get easier. Actually I know it will. I am just going to try and stay postive. When I was little my favorite book was "The Little Engine That Could". When I was running all I kept saying to myself was, "I think I can, I think I can." I don't know if that really worked, but I did finish and I am going to finish on April 19th!
You girls are the best motivation! I am really glad to be running with such a fun group of girls. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. See you on Saturday!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What better way to welcome the New Year than to RUN into it?

I, of course, couldn't think of a better way. And neither could Kristi, so we couldn't wait to sign up for the 30th annual Beat the New Year 5K run at Sugarhouse Park.

It started at 11:30-- as in 11:30pm, and the goal was to make it to the finish line before the clock struck 12. We were definitely up for the challenge. Our husbands were all set to be our moral support-- bring cocoa, cheer our names, while staying snuggly and warm wrapped in blankets on the sidelines. Little did they know, we had other plans.

Kristi casually (I like her style) tossed out the idea to Phil that he and Jon should run too. I did the same to Jon, whose reply went something like this: "Is Phil going to run?" Me: "He said he would if you do (I had no idea if this was true)." Jon: "Well, I guess that sounds kind of fun..... but not running sounds more fun." Me: "Jon, Phil's going to do it (again, I had no idea if this was true) and won't that be amazing to do it all together?" Jon: "Uh, okay.... do I get a treat?" Me: "Yes, and we're going to dinner together before hand." Jon: "Um, okay." Score.

I think Kristi and Phil's conversation was similar because around 8pm, we all met for dinner, ready for our big run! We went to Sugarhouse BBQ company and then hit Starbucks for cocoa-- we needed all the warming up we could get. The predicted low for the night was 0 degrees. From Starbucks, we headed up to the Garden Center at the park where Jon and Phil had to register. We signed in, got our numbers, and took in all of the excitement and anticipation with other runners who thought they should run toward 2008 as well.

All of us received a yellow race shirt-- just what Jon and Phil wanted! While we waited, we started to chat with the other runners at our table. One man asked if it was our first race-- it was mine. He then said that this was his bazillionth time running this 5K and that he had completed 4 marathons. His first was the original path in Greece, and currently he is training for the marathon on the Great Wall of China.

Then the gentleman to my left chimed in and said that his first race ever was the SLC marathon last year (the very race we are training for). He had never really run before and finished the race in 3 hours and 15 minutes, coming in 66th out of the thousands of runners competing. Can you say superhuman?

Just as he was finishing his "Wow, I'm amazing without even trying," schpeel, a man wearing a Boston Marathon jacket grabbed a race form from our table. It was at that moment I started to look around at all of the die-hard runners around us and realized we were out of our league. But, we were determined-- we would finish before midnight! And, hopefully there would be someone left behind us so we wouldn't be last.

At about 11:15, we started the warm-up lap. Jon and Phil immediately asked if this lap counted toward the race. To their disappointment, it did not. Kristi and I gave them our Ipods, thinking they would need the motivation of some good tunes more than we did. Little did we know they would not listen to a single song. Thanks boys.
It was 8 degrees at the starting line. That's when Kristi and I mapped out a game plan. We could see ice ahead and strategically weaved our way to the opposite side, as well as near the front. It was at that moment we noticed an odd looking man wearing a poofy wig, goofy glasses, and a bath robe. I joked that maybe he wasn't wearing anything underneath. It was 11:37. Just then, we heard someone yell "Go!" and everyone started cheering and running. We then saw a pair of naked bum cheeks and a bouncing black wig sail past us-- it was the bathrobe Borat impersonator! He was wearing an over-the-shoulder-weener-holder-thong, running shoes, and nothing else. Jon and Phil immediately took off after him-- chasing him with the camera, and leaving Kristi and me in the dust. We started our pace, got into our breathing pattern, and tried to resist the urge to sprint--- it would be a race of consistancy and pace for us, not a sprint to the finish line.
Many runners passed us, many did not. Some stayed with us the entire duration. To our annoyance, one of those was a 12-year-old boy that seemed to think our pace was just right for him. Problem was, he was panting like a DOG and was invading our bubble; staying directly to our right the ENTIRE race! Everytime I looked back at the pimple faced panter, he was staring right at me-- like he was looking at me before I looked over my shoulder! We tried everything to get away from him, veering from side to side, but he wouldn't budge! And with our husbands enjoying our Ipods, we were left only to hear "Haaaaaa, Haaaaaa, Haaaaaa, Haaaaaa" at an almost hyperventalative state over and over and over again. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
We made it though lap one and were feeling good, but oh the hills! That's when we spotted Phil.... walking and shaking his head. Poor guy, he didn't know what had hit him. We asked him where Jon was and he breathlessly said "Up there" and motioned with his arm. Kristi asked if we would catch up with Jon, and I knew we wouldn't. He's one of those people who can not work out for months and then suddenly decide "Hey, I haven't been training at ALL, but I think I'll kick everyone's butts today and run faster than all of them!" Such a brat.
We didn't have a watch to time our pace, so we just tried to stay consistant. We slowly started to pass some of the runners that had passed us-- what a great feeling! We were just coming up on our last hill when we heard a man yell "20 more seconds to midnight! Hurry!" WHAT??!?!? Kristi and I started running as fast as we could up that hellish hill, the pimpled panter right behind me. I was determined to cross the finish line before the boy that had thrown off my rhythm the entire race! Up, up, up we went, and pain, pain, pain we felt-- but just in the knick of time, with fireworks from Downtown crashing overhead, we crossed the finish line and heard "Go Kristi and Jen!" from our cheering husbands-- both had crossed the finish line before us.
Phil finished first out of us four. In fact, he was one of the first runners in the race to finish. He crossed the line to cheers, and applaude, and a plaque, and lots of "Good Job"s. But there was one minor difference. Phil had only finished one lap, at the same time all of the hardcore runners had 2 1/2. But, happily take his plaquard he did, after winning an emmy for Best Actor in an Action Movie. Way to go Phil!
Next across the finish line was Jon. He had chased those those bouncing bum cheeks the entire race and got close to getting a picture, but in the frantic moment of snapping a picture, Jon dropped his glove, and missed the opportunity. He looked up and could see the pink bum running quickly away.... never to be seen again. He used up a lot of steam and had to walk the last little bit, but still came in a few minutes before us. Again, punk.
Kristi and I crossed the finish line together, just the way I had hoped we would. I am so proud of us! We did about a 9 minute mile, and stayed running the entire race. We met our goal and all four of us got plaquards for finishing before midnight. This was the most memorable New Year's I have ever had! Thanks guys! I love you! Happy 2008!

More pictures from Group Run #2.....

As you can probably tell, I took these.