Friday, January 25, 2008

What was the name of it again?

I still don't know the name of the movie we went to see last night, but I'm so glad we did.

Couple of things to point out:

1. Even though I had been planning this night with the girls to see an inspirational marathon movie for weeks, my husband flew unexpectedly to the East Coast for business leaving me stranded without a babysitter.
2. The entire day was spent looking at disgusting houses that landlords actually thought were inhabitable trying to figure out where we are moving next week.
Bottom line: I'm exhausted.
3. I have been wearing the same pajama pants for the past 3 days.
4. I finally at the last minute resorted a "guy" (close friend) to babysit Owen last night who refused to change dirty diapers. What a great mom I am.

Anyway, I missed dinner with the girls and raced my butt down to theatre just in time. I'm so glad I was able to see it. And of course classic "black person syndrome" took over- I was talking out loud to the people on screen the entire time. It was so amazing to see different people at different skill levels preparing for the Chicago marathon. It hit even closer to home since Chicago is pretty much my hometown. I got so incredibly excited for the race this year- and if I survive, I'm going to do Chicago next for sure. We're planning on having another baby in June and it will be perfect to prepare for October. (Or, it may not.)

Anyway, I've got to go prepare a lesson for Relief Society and a talk for Sacrament meeting this Sunday. Hooray. My talk is going to be about overcoming adversity.
I'm going to use a quote from the movie- "Looking back, it's the challenges in life that define you." Tell me about it.



Erin said...

Is talking out loud to the screen a black person thing? I laughed so hard when you said that...I totally do that...except that I am pale white this time of year. Why can't I have your great skin to go along with being a crazy person that talks through movies.

Can't wait to see you in your designer Jeans.

You guys are awesome!

I just finished my long run and I'll see you guys in SLC.

Erin (Marathon Mommy)

foxontherun said...

A part of me sure wishes I was running SLC with all the girls. I would really love to meet. Good luck on you sacrament meeting talk tomorrow. I'm also speaking. With luck maybe the rain we are getting will freeze over night. It is very cold (for Oregon). Glad you enjoyed the movie. I know I loved it.
foxy (marathon mommy)