Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Satisfaction of Soarness?

I got out of bed this morning and had forgotten about the 11 miles yesterday and hurried to the restroom as normal, however; my legs did not cooperate. I soon remembered the 2 hour run yesterday and the all too common feeling of the day after the long run. Ohhhh, pain! Even though I'm still soar and probably will be tomorrow as well, there is some kind of weird satisfaction I have knowing what my legs did for me yesterday. 11 miles. Girls, that is pretty dang good. Almost 1/2 way to our goal!!! We are well on our way.

It was a nice day for running yesterday. I love running at Sugarhouse. It is a nice lap and beautiful scenery even though the hills killed me the last laps. A little cooler than last week, but the last two laps the sun came up on us. I don't know if the rest of you noticed the beautiful mountains to the west as the sun was shining on them. Jen and I would run up that hard hill and then it was always such a joy when we got to the top knowing that the rest of the lap was the easy part, and another reward was how pretty the mountains looked shining with the snow on them.

I am really proud of everyone. I know I was always really scared and apprehensive before I would run my long runs, asking myself, "Can I really run that long or that far?" or "I've never done it, I don't think I can." All those thoughts running through my mind, and then when it's done, it feels like "Wow, I just did that." I hope you are all realizing you can do it! And surprisingly it is hard, of course, it's definitely not easy or everyone would finish a marathon. But, you know what, isn't it easier than you thought? I think finishing our run was a huge accomplishment yesterday and I hope everyone feels the satisfaction of their soar legs today! Happy Sunday!

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Jen said...

We made it!!!!! Don't you feel like shouting it to every person you pass? I know I do!