Sunday, January 20, 2008

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

We started off running. It was cold, and since I hadn't gotten my new shoes yet, I knew I was in for it. 115 minutes. Holy crap. We were going to be running for awhile. Like AWHILE. We settled into our first mile, and I was enjoying running without my music.

We were having interesting conversation, and I was actually feeling good. Lap 1, lap 2, water break. Lap 3, lap 4, water break and some goo. Lap 5, lap 6, um...throw up break. Not really, but after a week of the flu, I didn't think I had even this much in me. We had already gone 90 minutes, lost 2 girls, and were about to lose two more. (myself included)

I was able to keep up with Jen and Kristie for the first 5 laps, but I was really starting to fall back. The sucky thing was, it wasn't because I was mentally hurting- cardio wise I felt fine too. It was my freaking shoes. I couldn't feel any of my toes, and I was starting to get blisters. Now pay attention, those of you who are reading this with no distance running experience. "GET FITTED FOR SHOES!!!" I can't tell you how important it is. The pain started in my toes traveled through my ankles, up to my knees and into my hips, and I couldn't do anything about it.

For some reason my goo hadn't kicked in yet, and I really didn't think it was going to be possible for me to finish the last 2 laps. Of course Jen and Kristie pushed reluctant Kimmy and me to finish with some dignity. As we were trailing them (by about half a lap), we realized mid-complaint that we probably shouldn't be left alone together. We were both whining the whole time. It was hilarious. We obviously are the "glass is half empty" part of the group. Regardless, we saw how it was affecting us, pulled it together and ran "most" of the way to the finish line. Even though I was done, I was more pissed then happy because Jen and Kristie pretty much finished, got in their cars, and were home by the time we got there.

It is so funny though, after an AWESOME accomplishment such as this, one has the desire to wear a sign around their neck proclaiming to the world: "I JUST RAN 11 MILES!!!" (I'd like to also write in fine print..."I bet you can't.")

The weird thing is, really- anyone can do this. I obviously have the worst feet in the world, I have awful form, I'm fat, and have no time or money. But something in me is making this all possible. The drive of the human spirit is unmatched. The capabilities of the human body are staggering. In less than 3 months, I am going to be able to check off a big TO DO on my life list. That's pretty amazing. Even a pessimist like me can see we're really onto something.


Jen said...

I love you, mad black woman, and I too am sore today. I know, I know, I had you fooled for awhile I was superhuman, but infact, I am not.

Kristi said...

Way to go Kera! Isn't it such a great feeling! I hope you are able to get some new shoes ASAP! I know it would make a world of difference!