Monday, January 21, 2008

Pics from Run #4...Finally!

I'm so proud of myself...I finally figured out how to upload pics to my computer! Yeah! Here are pics from Run #3. On our way to lunch after the run, Kera went crazy with the crosswalk signs. It was a fun moment to remember! Hilarious!


Jen said...

Blast work! I wish I could have been there! Kera, yellow is SOOOOOO your color.

Chelle said...

Hey girls,
Are you all aware of the training runs that Salt Lake Running Company hosts down at Jordan River Parkway starting some time in February? They have gatorade and sports gel and a runner guy on hand to answer any training questions. There are many runners that train there, which makes you feel less crazy about doing all of this winter running. I think they have more info on their website.

It's free - I think you just have to sign up. They also do a couple of clinics that were REALLY helpful when I was running my first marathon.

Just thought I'd pass that tidbit on.

Happy Running!

M&M said...

I wish I lived in Salt Lake so I could crash your runs. You ladies seem so fun! And I LOVE the cute running clothes.