Thursday, January 3, 2008

I am gonna kick butt this Saturday!

Ok, well I didn't really do well last Saturday. I am going to totally make up for it on this Saturday's run. I have been trying really hard this week and I am gonna rock on Saturday. I guess I didn't know what to expect last week. Especially all of those hills! (Thanks Jen!) :) I was super sore on Sunday. ( Try to say that 10 times fast) I hope it will just get easier. Actually I know it will. I am just going to try and stay postive. When I was little my favorite book was "The Little Engine That Could". When I was running all I kept saying to myself was, "I think I can, I think I can." I don't know if that really worked, but I did finish and I am going to finish on April 19th!
You girls are the best motivation! I am really glad to be running with such a fun group of girls. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. See you on Saturday!!

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Jen said...

Go Tara, go Tara, go!