Friday, January 25, 2008

a high point...

Eleven miles... in a row... and we're still alive to tell the tale. That's what we completed last Saturday, and wow, was it an accomplishment!

We had a bright and sunny Saturday morning to make our run cheerful! It was a bit chilly, but we started walking and our girltalk kicked into high gear. Oh, how I love these girls. There's something about training with my best girls that makes talking about the most personal topics move the clock along. But we couldn't talk for long-- once we started really running, we plugged in our ear phones and away we went. Lap one, lap two, quick water break, lap three, lap four, water break. It was at this point our group began to dwindle. Tara was a sickie and decided to cut out a little early. Her cute sister joined us for the day and kept on trucking. We choked down some GU, and started back up again. It was at this point that it took a little coaxing to convince the girls that we needed to run all 115 minutes, but grumpily Kera and Kimmie complied, though I am pretty sure I saw a rolled eye or two trotting behind Kristi and me.

Kristi and I were going strong-- not even stopping to walk. We would just tell ourselves, ,if we can just make it up the big hill, then we can see the beautiful mountains, sunshine, and jog down to recover before we had to do it again!

Another two laps passed, and we were feeling great! But after our last not-so-quick-water break, something bad happened. Our muscles must have thought "hey, this is nice! We're done! Time to rest!" But, no, we started again, and my, how they protested! It was on our last lap Kristi and I finally gave in and walked for a minute, and which point I'm pretty sure Kera and Kimmie started cheering from our rear. Yes Kera, we're human. It was a rough last lap, but, now that you're done, don't you feel fabulous, girls? Tomorrow's run will be a breeze-- 6 miles? psh-yeah-- we could run that in our sleep. Please. Maybe we should come up with more of a challenge. What do ya say?

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M&M said...

I loved this run report! It definitely makes the time fly when you are chatting with good friends. My running time is definitely my therapy! What a great group of girls you have there. Congrats on an awesome run!