Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I must be insane

I can't believe Jen actually talked me into this. Ever since I agreed to register for the St. George Marathon, I have felt nauseated. WHAT was I thinking? I have never been able to run one mile. What makes me think I can run a blasted marathon? So my adventure begins. I hope I can prove to myself that this is a possibility for me. Bad knees and all. First a trip to get the right gear (again I have no idea what I'm even looking for) and then taking that first step onto a treadmill or pavement. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it.
Even if I don't make it all the way to the marathon I'm hoping this will lead to a healthier life. I needed to make this commitment to give me a push into the right direction. (Thanks Jen for being the "Push")
I had no idea that by agreeing to register yesterday on the phone to Jen that I would get on the blog this morning and find my picture and profile as the newbie of WRFDJ. I guess there's no turning back now! Toenails, . . . I send my apologies now.


melissa said...

welcome to the adventure! You're gonna love it!

Ang said...

We all started out that way, not being able to run one mile. And somehow we made it. We are runners! Your going to love it. Can't wait to hear more about your journey!