Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just the two of us...

Well, this morning's run turned out most unexpectedly. Even though we've gained group members, our run consisted of just 2 ladies this morning; myself, and the lovely Steph.

I sent out the location and time email earlier this week like I usually do, and didn't hear back from anyone saying they weren't coming, so I assumed we'd be a full house. I had forgotten that Melissa had a garage sale, so she wouldn't be there, but everyone else, or so I thought, would be their usual wonderful selves at Liberty Park at 9am.

9am came and went, but I still wasn't worried. We are always late. Always. Someone is always running behind, okay usually almost everyone, so we always get a bit of a late start. Then, around 9:20, I started sending out text messages and making phone calls. Slowly, I started hearing back.... and, it ended up just being Steph and I, which is such a shame because the weather was perfect, it was a beautiful morning, and the park was irresistable.

I felt horrible, because Steph is so new that we are at dramatically different paces and I left her in the dust. So really, we both ran alone in the same park. Me and my thoughts, and the new Coldplay song. Loving it, btw. Great song to run to. Download it pronto.

Hope you'll all be back next week. Please feel free to post your excuses in the comments section.


melissa said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there I was making money at my garage sale! I ran tonight by my lonesome. I have to say it was most enjoyable! The weather was perfect too! I will be there next week I promise!

Ang said...

I wish I could be running with you gals!