Sunday, May 25, 2008


There's something wonderous about starting fresh... with a new goal, new group members, new running gear, and new hope. We here at WRFDJ started anew on Saturday, and I am already filled with a sense of anxious anticipation for the many miles that lie ahead... for this time I am an experienced marathoner, and know what to expect. But, we have some newbies in our group, and for them this will be a new journey.

Our group, though incomplete on Saturday (we missed you Kristi, Kimmie, Tara, and Angie!), is already starting to meld. Steph is a welcome ray of sunshine, and Mel and Kera, I'm so excited to be on this road with you once again.

Our new race goals: Top of Utah in September, and the Provo River Half in August. And, I have apparently lost my mind because I kind of agreed to run the Wasatch Back with my next door neighbor's team. They lost a member recently and even though the race is less than a month away, I said I'd be the fill-in. It's a relay race from Logan to Park City, over two days. Yes, you read correctly. I know, crazy.

So, here's to newness-- new experiences, new blisters and sore muscles I'm sure to feel for the first time, and new aspirations!


Anne said...

I'm running in the Wasatch Back relay too! Which team are you running with? when do you guys start? What legs are you running?? Maybe we'll run into each other! It's definitely going to be crazy, but surely a run to remember.

Kelly(M&M) said...

Great post! I can't wait to read about your "new" adventures. I think I am going to be trying a triathlon to switch things up. How's that for new?

Wasatch Back sounds fun. I hope to do it one of these years! You girls are very inspiring!
Congrats on a new plan.

Lindsay S said...

I am so excited you guys are doing the Top Of Utah!! I am too, cant wait to read about your training this time around. I do have some questions for ya about some of your long runs. Where is the Daybreak Loop you ran? What is that run like? Also did you guys ever run Milcreek Canyon? If so did you run up or down? How was it? Thanks for all your help and congrats on the new training!!