Sunday, May 11, 2008

Race for the Cure

Jen, Kimmie, Melissa, and Tara. Love these girls!

It was a beautiful morning for a race, and several things made this race particularly wonderful. First, some of my girlies were there: Kimmie (+boyfriend:), Melissa, and Tara (+cute son:). The weather was pur-fect (crisp and sunny), and we were running for a good cause-- breast cancer research. 19,000 peeps showed up. Wowza, more than the marathon!
But, my favorite part of the race? The team names. Gotta love names like "Save them all, BIG and SMALL," "Harleys for Hooters," and "Team Tatas." Love love loved it.


Lindsay said...

Such great pictures!! What a great reason to run a race. I have a question for ya. I've got another question for any of you. I have asked before about the Nike "magic pants" I am in the process of finding new pants or capris to run in and was wondering if you could tell me more details about where to find them and what I am looking for. I just need a couple of pairs of good running pants/capris. Any advice would be great. Thanks girls!!

Kera said...

Hey, remember me?

1. I'm doing the logan half so yes do that one.
2. Those nail pics are freaking gross
3. Wish I could have been at the race with you guys.
4. Call me.

melissa said...

Lindsay, go to sports authority. If you want magic capris they have them there. They look like leggings and are pricey but good. If you want a good shirt to wear then find the Nike pro ones they are awesome!

melissa said...

Kera, I'm glad you're back where have you been girl? We've missed you!

tifferbob said...

I Raced for the Cure this weekend in Sacramento. Loved every moment of it. Such a good cause.