Saturday, May 10, 2008

So uh, what now?

This is a rather disgusting confession. Brace yourself for the nausiating details that are sure to follow. Ready?

I am a picker. I pick. Scabs, zits, dry skin, you name it. If it's pickable, I'll pick it. Yes, even on other people.

Some would say this is gross, I say it's handy. But, it's definitely somewhat of an addiction. So, you better believe I've been working on that loose toenail since marathon day.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? As you will recall, several toenails on both feet turned black in Mid-March. Below is a picture of the blackened toenails around that time. Yes, I've been documenting their life and death. Notice the blackness on both feetsies' pointer toes.On my marathon day, April 19th, it seems said black toenails thought mile 16ish would be the perfect time to start lifting and making what would inevitably be a permanent departure from my foot. They caused me much pain and suffering on race day, and turned my socks a lovely shade of crimson (yes, blood). Real nice.

Well, since race day, they've been holding on for dear life by a thread... a thread of skin. And here's where it gets gross... in case it wasn't gross already.

One toenail in particular has been lifting at a rapid pace-- much faster than the others, and so I have concentrated much of my picking on it as of late. Yesterday I noticed I could lift it all the way up, and look down at skin never seen before. It's like a whole new world down there. Here is a photo of such lifting.

Well, this morning I ran race for the cure. Yes, toenails weren't participating, and bothered me the entire time. And so I had a dilemna... do I yank it off? Do I leave it alone and let it continue to look disgusting and cause me pain? I tried my best to just leave it be and let nature take its course, but it's been nagging me all day, while I've been at work.

And so, tonight, just a few minutes ago....

I pulled it off. I don't know if you can tell there's just pink skin left there now... no nail. It didn't hurt, it just gave me sort of a shock to see the gaping hole on my second biggest little piggy, like an empty eye socket just waiting for a glass replacement. Sadly, I don't think they make glass toenails, and so I am hopeful a fresh new nail will soon grow in it's place.

And do I keep the now detached nail, sort of like a missing tooth? If I put it under my pillow tonight will the running fairy come and leave me money?.... or acceptance to the St. George Marathon? (wishful thinking:)

So, calling all toe-nail-less ones who have limped the path less travelled before me. My question is, so uh, what now? I don't know how to get my cute pedicured toe-nail-ful feet back. Assistance needed in the repulsive isle. Yeah, I'm gross. Awesome.


melissa said...

I love it. I actually got a pedicur yesterday without my toenail and she painted the skin or the little bit of weird nail that's grown back. It looks pretty good though.

Ang said...


You are so funny!! And I think we are twinners when it comes to our toenails. I can't help but "assist" my toenails that are coming off. And just last night I almost had the "pointer" toenail off, then I decided to put a bandaid over it so I wouldn't pick at it anymore. The toenail has limited time left. :)

I think you should paint it like Melissa did and put up another picture. :)

Jen said...

Been there! Last year after my toenails "fell" (I admit, I helped them off too!) off, I still went and got my toes done. I'd been getting acrylic nails put on for several years and didn't during my training. But she put it on right over the thin little nail that was under the blackened part I picked off and it worked and didn't even hurt or anything. She did it over the top of the other black ones and they just grew out. I've kept on the acrylic nails this year during the training and just body glided the heck out of them each run and they've done great. Only after Salt Lake, I noticed that the two nails were getting suspiciously black like last year! Oh well. I think the Body Glide just wore off and they were unprotected. Good luck!

Jen said...

Oh I forgot to mention the prenatal vitamins! They work wonders for growing nails back! Plus it can be a really good shocker in conversation talking about how you're taking prenatal vitamins!

Anne said...

I'm glad that I do not share your toenail problems. I don't know that I could handle having one of mine fall off.

Anonymous said...

My toenail fell off after running 2 10 milers last May. It takes forever to grow back to it's normal length-like months!!! I still got pedis and just painted the skin too. From that far up you can't really tell.