Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Race for a Cure

So, I know I just finished a marathon, but I'm already thinking ahead to our next race here at WRFDJ. Who's in for a nice easy 5K for a good cause? Race for a Cure is May 10th at Gateway. I've already created a group for us under Will Run For Designer Jeans. Even if you're not a current team member, now's your chance to catch the running bug, and benefit breast cancer research! Come on! We can do it!

Click here to register.


Ang said...

If I lived in Utah I would totally be there!!

What a great idea!

How are you feeling??? I think I might be walking normal again..... in flip flops of course. My toes may never be in normal shoes again. :)

Suzie Petunia said...

That sounds great... wish I were in Utah!

Shara Park said...

I am running this race, I will see you there. I think we should start a group that is RWR, Reporters Who Run...it might catch on. :)

JP said...

Hey...the one in Sactown is the same day! I'll be joining ya...several hundred miles away! :)