Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Everyone, Please Plow....

We've been hit with storm after storm here along the Wasatch Front. And running in winter is my favorite time of year to train, HOWEVER, my runs have been quite trecherous as of late. I.e., husband and I went for a run Saturday morn and for the first 3ish miles, we were dodging cars because the sidwalks were impossibly uneven with several layers of snow and if you tried to run on them, you were sure to twist your ankles every other trot or so. AND, I think the cities have cut back on snow removal because of the recession, because WOW, there is almost no space along the side of the road between the snow and moving vehicles. So this is my plea. If you have a sidewalk, take a little time, get a workout, and shovel por favor. Then, bundle up and join me for a jog. I'd love the company. Hint, hint WRFDJ.

PS, congrats to Kera-- new beautiful baby boy Asher! She kept me up to date on the blessed event via text messages. I particularly loved the one that read "one push and he was out." Please, let me have a pregnancy like hers. And no, that wasn't a clue. Sorry to disappoint.

How are you guys doing on your training?


Anne said...

Training for me has been non-existant, despite my plans to run almost every day while in Utah. Sadly my body likes to get horribly sick each time I come here. I did walk the two miles from my sisters house to my parents the day after Christmas though (in 8 inches of unplowed/ unshoveled snow), so I definitely feel your pain. Run/walking up 33rd S was quite scary!

My fingers are crossed for a little bit of sun to melt off the sidewalks so you can run without feeling like you're in some sick and twisted game of Frogger.

Anne said...

What a small world! I'm staying with my sis who lives off Highland Dr and Siggard. I'll be here until Sunday. (which will make two weeks!) I would say let's go for a run, but considering I can't even go up the stairs without losing my breath, perhaps I can talk you into a cupcake? :)

Redhoodoos said...

I am just starting to train for the Bryce Canyon half in July. I'm a beginner and very out of shape - but I'm very motivated! I love your blog - I hope you don't mind that I added a link to your blog on mine.

Good luck training!