Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alright, that's it....

No more Crown Burger, or any other bad bad bad food I eat while inbetween stories. No more eating at random hours. No more candy. No more. And, more of weights, pilates, and other good stuff besides running. I have had enough. I am a strong person, who accomplishes my goals, for pete's sake! So, I need to stop justifying the extra treats because I am running a gazillion miles. I am basically just breaking even with all the exercise and bad food. I am saying enough. Anyone with me?

And, I will also ask for some advice. My IT band hurt-hurt-hurts. A lot. And, I don't know how to make it better. Ideas would be great.

Done venting for tonight. Tomorrow is a fresh, new day.... without fast food.


melissa said...

I'm with you sister, I've realized its harder to run when you have all that junk in your body. One day I will quit the sweets!

foxontherun said...

Jen, you have described me to a T especially as I write this with a chocolate chip cookie in my mouth. I have such a sweet tooth. I never met a dessert that I couldn't resist.
I also have been having IT issues. The Physical therapists thinks thats it or else it's a stress fracture. Anyway, he has given me some exercises and stretches to do. The exercise consist of laying on your side and lifting the top leg about 6-12 inches, pointing the toe down and drawing the alphabet in the air. That is supposed to strengthen and then some good stretches are sit on a chair and cross one ankle over the other knee and gently push down toward the floor. Another stretch; Kneeling on left knee, let left hip sink to the side until stretch is felt in side of hip.

Ang said...

I'm totally with you!! Except I am actually gaining weight. Whatever. I really do eat everything I want, and by the bagfull! I just tell myself I can because I run so much. Obviously this thinking is not going to fly! I am going to get some control starting now!

Also, I had some real troubles with my IT band. Stretching has really really helped. (After a little time off.)

Good Luck!

Kimmie said...

I don't know... I had a elephant sized piece of chocolate cake and a banana for breakfast before our last run. And you know what... it was definitely my best/easiest 7 miles ever!!

***Go chocolate cake!!***

Laura said...

Have you tried a foam roller on your IT Band. Works wonders for me. They sell them at Target for about $10.