Thursday, February 21, 2008

If one thing goes wrong...

Well, after that hint from Jen, I figured I needed to post! Sorry it has been so long! These past few weeks, my free time has been consumed with other projects...but still, no excuses.

Last Saturday was a great run. I was so excited to do the run again because it was my favorite training run last year. I love running out of the canyon, the scenery, the downhills; I love it all. It is also really neat to think this is the route the pioneers and many others entered the Salt Lake Valley.

Let's be honest though, I think that tops the chart for craziest run yet. Everything just seemed to be working against us. From Tara and the issues with the tow truck, to all of us forgetting our keys, phones, purses at the top, to trying to figure out how to get to the places we needed to be on time, etc. Just craziness! With that said, we all finished! It is a rewarding feeling to finish that run.

However, I need to vent about a major issue I am having. I realized that with running so many things have to work together to have a good run. And, if just one thing, one little minor thing goes wrong, running (long distances) is terrible! For example, I have to be dressed in the right clothes, have the right shoes (with the right socks), have my i-pod fully charged with good music, have the right nourishment planned at the right places (goo, water, gatorade, fruit), have gone to the bathroom, have my body (knee in particular) cooperate, be in the right frame of mind, have friends to run with, the list could go on and on. So, what happens if just one of these things go wrong? Running is not fun!!! Maybe it is my mindset, but it's like all I can think about is the shirt that keeps rubbing or how I haven't had water in 4 miles or that I have no music to listen to or how my knee is throbbing! All my thoughts get consumed on the one bad thing. I try to ignore it, but there is not much else to do than think about it.

So, this past run I was faced with a frequent problem I have to overcome. At mile 8, I realized I really needed to use the restroom. Sorry if this is something you guys do not want to read about, but it is a problem! I have bladder issues and they are seriously magnified by 100 when I run. So, what happened to me? Instantly, my perfect run is destroyed. All thoughts, all feelings, everything is now focused about my situation and where to find a restroom. With each stride I take, it gets worse and worse. With each minute that goes by too slowly it feels like this is possibly the worst thing I could be doing. I know i've heard other runners have problems with this (bladder issues) and I am glad none of you girls have to face it, but honestly it really makes me so frustrated. I can't enjoy running when it comes up. So, finally at mile 11, a 7-11 appears. I was saved! But, those 3 miles were just awful! I guess it is just something that I am going to have to work through. I just hate it! Anyone who might be reading this and have this problem, please give me suggestions.


Anne said...

I don't really have that problem, (probably because I don't adequately hydrate myself before/during my runs), but I have a few thoughts. Of course I don't know what your current run-time fluid situation is, and I'm certainly not a professional, but if you're not using one already, you might try a fuel belt. I like it because I can have a few sips whenever I want, so I'm not gulping down an entire bottle of water or powerade all at once. It's possible that moderating your fluid intake might help by filling up your bladder a little slower.

Another thing is to plan your route where convenience stores or port-o-potties are in abundance. When I was training for my marathon I'd run along a running trail and the monuments which had plenty of bathrooms throughout.

Or you can always incorporate squats into your cross-training schedule, just in case...

Whoa...that last one was probably crossing the line, especially coming from a stranger!! Sorry!!

Ang said...

I do not know how to solve this problem. I have this problem sometimes. I always plan my routes around bathrooms, which is annoying.
I just keep telling myself that it doesn't matter because there are going to be plenty of porta potties at the marathon. They are about every 1.8 miles or something like that. So it should be fine. Good luck.

Anne said...

Ok, I've been thinking about my comment and I wanted to make it clear that my third suggestion was a joke...well mostly. :)