Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jen. . .this one is for you

Jen has oh so sweetly, (and aggressively) reminded me a ba-jillion times that I need to blog. I have been avoiding this for several reasons:
1. I haven't run for 2 months
2. I was prego and lost it . . .so I had a pitty party and became a recluse
3. My treadmill is broken, and with three kids at home. . .I am 1 stroller seat short
4. I HATE running (during the run. . .but admit enjoy the rush after)
5. I like to make up as many excuses as possible to get out of running

So now what? I really really really hate running. I NEED to run. I want the body gained by running, I need to do something for my heart. I would kill for some alone time. But how does one become a runner? I thought you'd say that. So basically what I'm hearing is that I have to START. Crap. This is going to be harder than I thought.
Well, the hubby is going to fix my treadmill tomorrow, so no excuses there. I'm going to download every favorite song I can possibly think of, as music is a major motivator for me. AND as soon as I can hit the 5 mile mark (go ahead all you marathoners. . .gets your laughs out now at my measly 5 miles which will be a HUGE accomplishment for me) I am going to insist on a massage gift certificate to reward myself.
If any of you pro's have advice, . .feel free to push it along my way. Deep breath. Ok, I'm committed.


Jen said...

I can't wait for the blog post after your first run:) love you.

Erin and Marc Dudley said...

I learned of your blog through a friend of mine.:) She has it posted on hers. I love all your posts! This one in particular speaks to me! I have been wanting and dreamong of becoming a runner. Christmas '08, my husband bought me proper runners with the foot analysis, a zune for music, and a Adidas running outfit. A year has come and gone.:( BUT just last week I have started to RUN! I'm using a Hal Higdon routine for a 15k:) I'm on my second week of 2 miles.:) Anyhoo, enough about me! lol I was grateful for your this post.:) Also, something random, my friends husband was in the MBA program at BYU. Kiley and Cheralynn Adams. Maybe you know them.