Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just do it.

A post from my personal blog...

6:30am: baby cries.

he finishes eating and for some reason i'm awake. invigorated actually. i imagined what it would be like if i could go for a run. then i realized that i can. it may not be far, and it may be cold, but i can at least try it.

I tip-toed around awkwardly looking for clothes that I haven't worn in awhile. My Nike Pro running tights. My Nike Pro Shirt. My Nike ACG jacket. An ugly hat. My Black Diamond gloves. my socks. My trusty Sauconys. My broken iPod.

I had a half of a chocolate GU and I was off. It was dark. It was cold. But the crisp air woke me up and I was excited.

Hold Tight, by the Chemical Brothers blasted in my ear. I remembered what it was like the morning of the marathon. Dark, cold- feeling nervous. I had no idea how my body was going to perform that day, and no idea today. But my mind made me think I could go for it.

I ran along Wasatch Blvd. I love that run. The cityscape to the west and the mountains to the east blows me away every time.

Why do I love to run?

It makes me feel empowered. To know that not many people like to do it because it's hard. It's really hard. To be alone with yourself and your thoughts. Especially when you have my thoughts. But then, your mind clears and you let go. Your mind and your body are in a constant battle. Most times either one or the other is trying to give up. But you figure it out and keep going. and sometimes you don't. but either way, it's cool.

I went farther than I thought I would and finished strong. I walked up our driveway feeling like I could be a better mom and wife. I forgot about the crappy week I had. I walked through the door to the sound of dad and son giggling in bed. and I realized why i love to run, and where I always want to end up.


Ang said...

You go girl!! I"m sooooooo impressed! Congrats on the new baby too!!

Jen said...

Somebody's baaack, bay-bee! Yippee!