Monday, August 10, 2009

Provo River Half Race Report

Things I loved:

The girl who passed me at mile 3 with a prothestic leg. I was quite content and honored to be one of her "kills." You go girl!

The cool mountain breeze that stayed with me the entire 13.1

The man with a beard past his chest, John Lennon glasses and knee socks

Seeing a friend from jr. high/high school at the starting line

Chatting with a sweet friend from KUTV moments before the race started

Spotting our sweet husbands at mile 10, ready with high-fives, a quick "you guys rock! Love you!" and of course, some pictures as we darted past

A great, and I mean GREAT, playlist I put together the night before

The little girl along the route who gave me a high-five and a big smile

The burst of energy I got at mile 11 and knew I would finish strong.

Running past Bridal Veil Falls. Anyone else think of Savannah Smiles every time they see it? I also think of a poor college student I did a story on who died there, but I digress.

Our cute running outfits we carefully selected (or Kristi did)

Sweet, sweet Vicki (Kristi's mom) who greeted us with hugs the night before, gave up her bed so we wouldn't have to drive as far, and woke up at 4am to make us eggs. We love you!

The awesome family and friends who cheered us on at the finishline. Thank you so much for your love and support!

Cute little Lili who said "Way to go!" at the finishline

Sweet husbands who cheered us on, took pictures, and told us repeatedly how amazing we are.

A new half PR. yay!

Things I did NOT love:

confusing race information

waiting in the fa-reezing cold at the starting line for an hour

not enough port-a-potties, resulting in Kris and I waiting in a line for 8, yes, I repeat, 8 minutes at the halfway point before finally giving up and squatting in some bushes

a race shirt in the wrong size and that read 2010?

Definitely planning on next year! Looooved it! (pictures coming as soon as I become un-lazy and upload them)


Alisa said...

This makes me laugh! Only because I loved and did not love the same things. I ran in 2007 and they gave out T's with 2008 on them. Not very organized race but, I would totally run it again too.

Ang said...

Woooohooooo! You rock! A new PR with an 8 minute bathroom wait! You are smokin fast lady!

OK, I'd really love to get together and do a run soon! Let's plan something!


p.s. If I wasn't in Washington that day,I would have totally been there to cheer you on!