Sunday, March 1, 2009

I suck. period.

Yep, I do. I really really really do. Ask me if I've been diligently training. I'd say no. Ask me how much I run every week lately. I'd say not nearly as much as I should be. Yep, I should get a big fat "L" tatooed on my forehead for "Loser" because basically, that's what I am. And not the cool kind like on the "Biggest Loser." I mean the kind that just sucks.

As typical with most losers, I could give you a gazillion reasons why I haven't been running well: moving, job stress, work schedule changes, life stress, lack of time, and the list could go on-- I'm quite creative. But basically, I've been in a major rut. MAJOR.

And the husband? He's basically kicking my trash. He ran 13 miles on Saturday morning. Ask me how many I ran. I'd say none. I can't believe I'm letting him beat me! Oh, how it kills me to write it-- I hate to get beaten by a boy. Ugh.

Now, all of this said, I am feeling a major motivating factor coming on-- my new home is right next to one super duper amazing trailhead-- with one super duper amazing trail.
So go on, kick me hard, right in the bum. I need it. And.......... go.


Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey Jen,

You are most definitely NOT a loser. It is okay to be in a rut once in a while. Cut yourself some slack and get back out there!!! I need your cool running stories. Do it for me. :-) I expect a report tomorrow of how your run went.

It doesn't matter if you get off track, what matters is that you get back on!! You can do it!

(I love your comptetitiveness with your hubby.)

Kelly(M&M) said...

I forgot to mention- congrats on the new home!! Lots of new trails and runs to explore. Keep us posted. :-)

Ang said...

At least your not alone in being a loser. I'm the biggest loser right with you. We need to make a plan do de-loser ourselves. :) I also ran a big fat ZERO miles last Sat.

Maybe Kelly's right. Mabye we're not losers. Maybe we're winners, but right now we feel like losers. (How corny was that?!)

But so fun that you got a new house!!! Congrats!!!!!!