Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dashing through the snow......

I didn't have a one horse open sleigh, but I dashed through the snow on Christmas morning regardless. And I got plenty of "Are you crazy? It's freezing and it's CHRISTMAS!" looks from strangers passing by. Now that is dedication to the cause-- that cause being the promise of hotness in new designer jeans, of course.

I woke up to the sun shining, the fresh snow sparkling, and a sense of anticipation and excitement-- much like a child Christmas morning. And did Santa ever come to my house, bearing adorable running attire straight from the Elves at Nike. Thanks hunny! I'll be the best-dressed runner in my group. I also ripped off wrapping paper on quite a few presents I had already used, including my running shoes. My husband insisted on re-wrapping them so I would have plenty to open on Christmas, since many of my presents were gear for training. So, I practiced my best "I am so surprised by this gift I already knew about and have been using for a week!!!!!" face and Jon was pleased. But, there was a surprise in there-- a new pink fleece with a white "Swoosh" just my size. Santa loves me:)

After the present opening extravaganza, I laced up my shoes and hit the roads-- the roads that had not yet been plowed-- and tried my best to run in the tire tracks. I was a-slippin-and-a-slidin' all over the place! My Christmas tunes were blaring as I ran down to the pond in my neighborhood-- so beautiful! It was frozen over and glistening, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! But about 5 minutes into my 40, something started to put a damper on my holiday spirit. A pesky pain in my left foot-- right on my arch. It was KILLING by minute 20, but I kept on going and finished all 40. I don't know if it was the arch inserts in my shoes the running people told me were a must, or if it was muscles I didn't know I had trying desperately to keep me from slipping banana peel style and falling flat on my not-yet-toned booty, but something hurt..... a lot..... and continued to hurt all night while I worked in the middle of nowhere covering an avalanche on Christmas Day (you read correctly, another holiday spent working for me). I'm heading up to the running shoe place after I get off today to ask them why it hurts. Let's hope they know the answer because I am supposed to run again tonight!

What else would I run to on Christmas day than Christmas music? My fav was "All That I Want" by The Weepies.

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