Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm tired...

So nomorechubs here- a.k.a Kera. A little about myself- I'm a 23 yr. old mother of one and wife to my wonderful husband McSean. We live here in Salt Lake, but I am originally from NW Indiana, just outside of Chicago.

I'll be honest. I've always been tall and thin, with great abs. After making a baby though, things have changed. My butt has gone from tight and perky, to wide and lumpy. My once ripped stomach is now stretch marks and flab. It's pretty sad. My once cute self has been reduced to double chins and relief society arms.

Luckily though, Jen Stag came to me with the proposal to run. It's something I've always wanted to do, but I definitely didn't think I would be doing it any time soon. However, I accepted, bought some running pants, (which, by the way, took 12 hours to find ones that fit,) and showed up on the group run today. I'm a secretly competitive person, and I hated the thought of feeling so out of shape. We started, and I felt pretty good.

Two seconds later, I wanted to die. That's basically how it was the rest of the way. I'm so grateful for Kristy and Jen, because I would have never been able to run as long as I did without their support. Jen seemed like she ate rainbows for breakfast...but that's why I love her. And I really do. Thank you so much for putting this together. I owe it to myself and to you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. I'm excited to meet new girls...Kristie, I feel like I've known you forever.

As for my jeans- and this is very important. I would just like ones that look hot. I want them to be nice and long, and it would make my day, if I could get into a size 27. That would be amazing.

Thanks again to everyone, including my husband for all of your support. I am looking forward to this challenge!!!


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Jen said...

Maybe I should get you rainbows to eat for breakfast too! Or, I'll just eat enough for both of us:) I freaking love you and am so proud of you!