Sunday, March 30, 2008

All downhill from here...

Wow! What a day! What a run! Like all of you I'm sure, I can't believe how many emotions I felt yesterday! All the emotions started in the wee hours of Saturday. I remember glancing at my clock, 12:32 a.m. I was so mad I was still up & hadn't fallen asleep. All the nerves and bad feelings started then, "Oh, you are not getting enough sleep, you didn't drink enough water today, you are not going to prepared for tomorrow, etc." All the negative feelings started to flow. I ended up falling asleep finally and woke up with the same negative, nervous energy. I just didn't feel ready for the run. Even though we had been running and training, I just didn't feel confident. I think a lot had to do with me completing this run several months ago, and then having to go through the pain of not completing the marathon. I knew it was a big day, and I was definitely feeling it.

I got my running gear on along with my fully-charged IPOD & Garmin and started making the drive in the dark to meet Jen. As I was in my car eating my wheat toast w/ peanut butter (wishing I would of had my banana to go on top), I called Jen in a panic. "Do you think we can do this? I'm scared..." Jen has been so supportive of me and this run, almost making me forget that she had to do the run to! She was so encouraging & I definitely needed it. Still my thoughts were consumed with nervousness & uneasiness...

We finally arrived at the Legacy Bridge to meet our team and begin the long journey ahead. We said a prayer and it really did calm my nerves. My emotions started to change and I felt confident, prepared. I knew everything wouldn't necessarily go perfect, but things would work out.

Wow. I just looked at the clock and I have 30 mintues to get ready for church...oops! I will continue this today!

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