Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Retreat in St. George....

dancing in the car-- wish I knew how to download the video Kera took of us dancing! It's hilarious!

It's official, I'm 27. Wow, writing makes it seem even older somehow. And, for my birthday weekend, some of us WRFDJ's girls headed down south to St. George for a little r&r, that is rest and RUNNING. What better way to celebrate one year older than with some of my favorite girls in a warmer place, and running?

We left Sunday, March 16th, the big birthday, in the morning. First, Kera's wonderful husband, McSean, made us breakfast-- what a stud! Then we loaded into Peetie, my car, and hit the road. Unfortunetly, snow made the drive down a little trecherous. It always seems to snow on my birthday!

We settled into my parent's vacation home, and had some quality girl time! Here are some of the highlights: dancing in Peetie, the purple PT, which fit right in... old people LOVE PT cruisers, and there are a lot of old people in St. George. We, of course, blasted "Do it to it," and danced the night away. Shopping at Smith's for black finger nail polish (so hot right now, right girls?) and trying on all of the St. Patrick's decor while we waited in the forever long line. Eating at Pizza Factory with our darling waiter, Roger-- Kera loved him! Running on the Virgin River Trail in perfect weather. And, shopping and eating at the outlets! Thanks for a great time, Kera and Kimmie. Love you guys!

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